Scales for logistics and transportation

In the logistics sector, it is not only the weight that matters but also the dimensions of the parcels and packs. We offer scales that provide all the necessary information. Read more...

Volumetric weight calculation at the push of a button

Logistic scales can do much more than just record the weight of a load. Thanks to the integrated measuring system (light grid or laser distance sensor with time-of-light measurement), workers can determine the size of incoming or shipping parcels by simply placing them on the scales. The special volume scales came with an interface for the transfer of the data to the ERP system. The objects to be weighed and measured are transported on a conveyor belt or a roller conveyor through the light grid. Volume scales equipped with laser sensors are able to measure an object in all 3 dimensions within a few seconds.

Pick&place made easy

Another key task of logistics companies is the picking and placing of goods. To optimise this process and enhance the process safety, leading companies use counting or combined counting and weighing scales. With counting scales, workers in charge of materials can determine and check quantities without manual counting, so that discrepancies can be detected with minimum effort. Incorrect picking due to counting errors thus becomes a thing of the past. Where weighed products need to be packed without delay, we recommend using a weighing table that combines reference and counting scales and provides the necessary space for packing in a single compact unit. BOSCHE also offers portable counting scales that can be quickly brought to any place where accurate weighing and counting is required.


Logistic scales facilitate greater efficiency as the size and weight of parcels and products can be quickly determined and stored in the ERP system. All measuring tasks are completed automatically within minimum time. Counting scales eliminate picking errors. They are particularly useful where small parts or bulk products are to be picked and can save a lot of time, which is a valuable commodity in the logistics industry.