Product information "Forklift scale with wireless weight transmission"

The robust weighing forks turn a forklift truck into an all-rounder with high efficiency in weighing applications at changing locations.
The weighing forks consist of fork tines with integrated load cells and matching display. The robust design is also available in a legal-for-trade version. Optionally, there are versions with FEM holders of classes IIA (IIB optional) or IIIA according to DIN 15173.
The forklift scale saves time and transport distances, as the way to a stationary scale is eliminated. The forklift scale is simple to use and easy to handle.

The weighing tines send the determined weight via Bluetooth directly to the display in the cabin, where it can be read or printed without any problems.
The weighing tines are shipped adjusted and are immediately ready for use after simple installation.

Features of the weighing tines

  • TÜV, CE and GS certified industrial quality
  • Weighing range up to 2500 kg
  • Resolution: 1 kg < 1000 kg | 2 kg > 1000 kg
  • Forklift scale with 4 point load cell weighing system
  • Scale display in forklift cab wirelessly connected to the weighing tine via Bluetooth
  • Intuitive, user-friendly operation
  • Version for FEM3A - plate
  • Overload-proof: 3-fold overload protection of the load cells
  • Weight of one weighing fork: approx. 68 kg

Power supply and interfaces

The rechargeable ion batteries allow for power-independent weighing.
The high endurance of the battery of approx. 90 hours enables flexible working. A replacement battery kit for 24/7 continuous operation is available as an option.

Construction Forklift Scale

In the case of the forklift scales, particular attention was paid to the strength of the weighing tines. An impact-resistant frame made of powder-coated steel makes these tines extremely robust and durable. Four high-quality load cells integrated in the weighing tines ensure the highest precision. These IP68 load cells are laser-welded and are over-dimensioned to withstand up to 3 times the weighing range.
The high-quality display with backlit display is located in the forklift cabin and ensures optimum readability of the weight even in poor lighting conditions.
The scale display is made of plastic with a 25 mm LCD display with 6 high-contrast digits and 5 function keys. Mounting bracket for installation in the cabin included.


Type Weighing range, Max Readability, d Calibration value, e Calibratability
Forklift Scale
LTF 2500
1000 / 2500 kg 1 / 2 kg - non calibratable
Forklift Scale
LTF 2500 M m_002
1000 / 2500 kg - 2 / 5 kg


calibration included

Thermal printer

Thermal printer with power supply from the display.

Interchangeable battery Optional battery kit for 24/7 continuous operation.
Power supply unit  

Power supply for indicator in cab 18-72 VDC or 40-160 VDC
(directly from forklift), output 5VDC / 6A (max. 30W)

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Product-group: Pallet truck scale
Requirements | Area of application: Logistics and shipping

Accessory Items

ISO calibration certificate

The calibration of the balance is carried out and documented by us with certified weights.The audit log will receive a confirmation of the accuracy of your test equipment , as required by the ISO 9001 and other quality management systems.


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