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Bodenwaage: Präzise, strapazierfähig und Qualität aus Deutschland – das sind Wägebrücken aus dem Hause BOSCHE. Ideal zur genauen Gewichtsbestimmung schwerer Lasten, lassen sich diese Waagen sowohl für den Gabelstapler- als auch den Hubwagenbetrieb nutzen. Read more...

Excellent Safety and Precision by BOSCHE

With a maximum nominal load ranging from 600 kg to 3,000 kg, our weighbridges are the ideal tools for weighing your goods and products. If you require an even sturdier construction, we recommend a heavy-duty scale capable of supporting up to 8,000 kg. When weighing typically involves containers or packaging, calibrating the scales becomes necessary. This calibration is possible across the entire measuring range with the products in our assortment. As standard, we deliver our scale platforms - also known as weighbridges - in sizes ranging from 1,000 mm x 1,000 mm to 1,500 mm x 1,500 mm. For safety reasons, all floor scales are oversized. This means their load capacity is significantly greater than required for the maximum nominal load, reducing the risk of bending and contributing to a longer lifespan for the scale.

Equipped with non-slip steel diamond plate, the flat scales in our range feature highly precise, laser-welded load cells. The platform is made of powder-coated steel or polished stainless steel. Thanks to the flat overall construction with a maximum side height of 80 mm, flexible installation in, under, or on top at your chosen location is possible. Supplied with a mains plug as standard, BOSCHE weighbridges can optionally be converted to battery operation. Via the RS-232 serial interface, you can easily connect the scale to various peripheral devices such as a computer, printer, or secondary display. The associated scale displays feature a large LCD screen, clearly displaying the measured weights.


Assembly and Accessories for Weighbridges

Thanks to functional eye bolts, you can easily install our weighbridges in a stationary manner with just a few steps. The height-adjustable feet allow simple leveling of the weighbridge - from the top using a screwdriver. Also included in the delivery is a steel-sheathed, durable weighing cable. You can choose whether to mount the LCD display on a stand or directly on the wall. We offer three different installation options for our models:

  • Sub-floor installation with access ramps for pallet truck operation
  • Sub-floor installation with pit frame for pallet truck and forklift
  • Above-floor installation for forklift operation

For the first option, upon request, we deliver one or two ramps to ensure proper access. Opting for ground-level installation includes the appropriate pit frame and a pit drawing as needed. For the above-floor installation, you can order a collision protection, optionally protecting the weighbridge from forklift collision. Naturally, BOSCHE also offers suitable accessories for your equipment: extended-length weighing cables, software, external secondary displays, and printers are available upon request. If you need certified floor scales for official purposes, commercial transactions, or packaging production, you can easily order them from the Bosche Online Shop.