Counting scales for greater productivity

Counting scales from BOSCHE are widely recognised as the best in their class. These verifiable precision instruments are extremely sturdy. Large manufacturing companies use BOSCHE counting scales in their electronically controlled processes in order to speed up production. Read more...

Functions of counting scales

Counting scales from BOSCHE are used to count parts in batches, to check quantities, to pick parts and to divide lots in to batches. These top-quality scales are widely used in incoming goods departments, production plants and warehouses where they facilitate stocktaking and internal weight checks.

If the counting scales are used for end consumer products, they generally need to be verified. BOSCHE technicians are authorised to perform EC verifications of the weighing instruments according to European Directive 2014/31/EU. Companies who purchase verified scales can thus save money and can be rest assured that the ordered equipment will be delivered on time and ready for use.

Thanks to their high external and even higher internal resolution, the scales are able to count even large quantities of small parts. The automatic referencing function improves the accuracy of the average part weight. As data is displayed on 3 LC displays, the operator has all key information at his or her fingertips.

DThe weight and quantity (counting results) can be added in memory. The BOSCHE counting scales come with quantity and weight checks as standard. These are based on user-defined weight and quantity limits. In the event of an exceedance, an audible signal is generated. All counting scales from BOSCHE are available with a rechargeable battery that provides extra mobility, making the instrument even more versatile.

Factors to be considered when purchasing counting scales:

- Lowest part weight
- Highest total weight
- Size of weighing platform

The number of parts is calculated from the part weight (reference weight) and the total weight of the batch:

Number of parts = total batch weight / reference weight

Sturdy construction

Thanks to advanced weight sensing technology, BOSCHE counting scales are the reliable solution for manufacturers and trade companies. They are made from extra durable components. All load cells are integrated into a sturdy frame or the device housing, which makes the scales particularly suitable for operation in harsh workshop and industrial environments. The increased load capacity of the measuring equipment prolongs the service life of the scales.