Applications of bench scales

Scales have become indispensable for stock control, as they make it easy to determine large quantities of goods. Before goods can be dispatched, the weight of the package needs to be determined in order to calculate the shipping costs. That is where bench and parcel scales come in, as they are compact in design and offer the accuracy required by manufacturing and trade companies. Bench scales are also widely used in research departments and labs. Read more...

Compact design combined with outstanding precision

Bench scales work like conventional platform scales. In most models, the display is however located directly below the weighing platform, makes the scales particularly compact. Bench scales offer excellent precision and are therefore thus can also be used as counting scales or to determine area densities. Where bench scales are used in connection with the sale of products, they must be verified by law.

Easy installation and operation

Bench and parcel scales are shipped ready for use. To adjust them horizontally, they come with a built-in spirit level and adjustable feet. Only scales that are properly placed in a horizontal position on the workbench can provide accurate weighing results. As the BOSCHE models come with user-friendly adjusting options, the scales can be quickly moved and used at various locations. They are operated through an integrated foil keyboard through which the tare weight can be entered and various special functions for counting or percentage weighing can be called up. As the scales are mainly used in industrial environments and need to work accurately even under extreme conditions, they are water- and dust-proof and protected against spray water ingress (IP54).

All BOSCHE bench scales can be operated with a rechargeable battery (optional accessory) for operation at locations where there is no access to the mains power supply. BOSCHE offers additional accessories for the bench scales such as printers and interfaces through which the devices can be easily connected to existing material management systems.