Product information "Spices Scale WSG"

Professional spice scale with stainless steel platform and stainless steel housing. Thanks to compact and flat design suitable for use in several locations (kitchen, sales room, market stall etc.). Because of smooth surfaces, the scale lends itself to quick and thorough cleaning. The rubber feet provide a secure stand for the scale. IP65: Protected against dust and splash water (only in battery operation).

Scale incl. 9 V battery.


  • Stainless steel design of the housing and weighing platform
  • Thanks to smooth surface easy to clean
  • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet
  • Supports you in your HACCP compliant quality system
  • IP65: Protected against dust and water splashes (only in battery operation)
  • Particularly flat design
  • Platfrom size (BxT): 120 mm x 150 mm
  • Housing size (B×T×H): 170 mm x 150 mm x 40 mm

Power supply

By default, the compact scale is powered by a 9 V battery. Operating time up to 24 h (66h without backlighting).

Price list

Non-verifiable:Weighing range, MAXDigit step, DLinearity deviationPrice €,
excl. VAT
WSG 05
0,5 kg 0,1 g 0,1 g 105,-
WSG 50
5 kg 1 g 1 g 105,-
ISO-Verification certificate       30,-
Check weight  Suitable test weight  on request
Product-group: Bench scale, Fine balance, Laboratory balance, Stainless steel scale
Requirements | Area of application: Trade and retail, Food industry


ISO calibration certificate

The calibration of the balance is carried out and documented by us with certified weights.The audit log will receive a confirmation of the accuracy of your test equipment , as required by the ISO 9001 and other quality management systems.


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