Product information "Precision balance FWK"

The multifunctional FWK precision balance was specially developed for simple applications in the laboratory, in schools and in industry. Fast-displaying precision scale with convenient operating philosophy and verification approval.


  • Verifiable according to accuracy class III
  • Stainless steel platform
  • Capacity 1500 g / / 3000 g / 6000 g
  • Functions: piece counting, percentage determination with capacity display
  • LCD display with adjustable backlight
  • Mains operation as standard (optional battery)
  • Adjustable automatic shut-off
  • Handy and space-saving
  • Spirit level and foot screws as standard to level the scale precisely.
  • Wind housing included (only Ø 80 mm and 120 mm)
  • Power supply: mains adapter (optional battery)


Type Weighing platform Weighing range, Max Readability, d
FWK 1500
120 mm Ø 1500 g 0,01 g
FWK 3000
120 mm Ø 3000 g 0,02 g
FWK 6000
155 x 145 mm 6000 g 0,05 g


Verifiable Weighing platform Weighing range, Max Verification value,e
Precision balance
FWK 600  m_002
120 mm Ø 600 g 0,1 g
FWK 6000  m_002
155 x 145 mm 6000 g 1 g


A built-in level and four adjustable feet allow it to set up the precision scale easily to different locations. With its compact dimensions the precision scale can be advantageously placed. 

Easy operation

The user-friendly interface allows even little experienced staff and students to use the laboratory scale FW-K. All the main functions have their own button on the control panel.

Power supply and interfaces

The scale is supplied as standard for mains operation (mains plug included).
The optional rechargeable battery makes the laboratory scale an indispensable, mobile and daily helper. Weight data can be transferred via the serial RS 232 interface to printer, remote display or PC. Transmission cable, external remote display (suitable for direct sales) or printer are available as accessories.

Robust design

The direct application of force in a strain gauge weighing cell provides high resolution and high-precision weighing and counting. An optimal protection of the fine scale can be guaranteed by a stainless steel platform (IP 54), a robust plastic housing and a waterproof membrane keypad.

Platform size

The precision balances up to 3000 g are equiped with a Ø 120 mm stainless steel platform. The balances with 6000 g have a 155x145 mm platform.
In the round models, the draft shield with removable lid is included. Through an opening in the lid gentle pipetting is possible.

Drawing precision balance


Product-group: Fine balance, Laboratory balance
Requirements | Area of application: Laboratory and research