Product information "Software MiniScale Monitor"

The MiniScale Monitor is a software that, once installed, runs in the background after each PC startup. It allows data from a connected weighing terminal to be sent to the PC (e.g., MWI, MCI, BWI, KSW). The functionality and handling are kept as simple as possible: First, on the PC, a new Excel file into which the measurements are to be transferred is opened. Then the weighing process is carried out. After that, only a press of the "PRINT" button on the weighing terminal is required. The predefined dataset is now automatically written to the current cursor position in the table. MiniScaleMonitor allows various settings to tailor data output to specific requirements and circumstances.

PDF MiniScaleMonitor Instructions

Do you need help and tips about the software? Here you can go directly to our instruction videos: Software MiniScale Monitor

Features of the Software

  • Compatible with all Bosche weighing indicators: MWI, MCI, EWI, GTW, GTC, GTE, CS60000, BWI
  • Current weight value is transmitted by pressing the Print button on MiniScaleMonitor
  • MiniScaleMonitor can write the value to the current cursor position, save it in a CSV file, save as a PDF, or trigger a printout.


  • RS232 or USB via virtual COM port
  • RS485
  • Ethernet (TCP/IP)
Product-group: Software


First start the MiniScaleMonitor software as administrator by right-clicking on the software and then selecting "Run as administrator".

In the tray (to the left of the clock) you will now find an icon that looks like a clipboard. Double-click on this clipboard to open the tool's configuration.



Select the appropriate interface with which the scale and PC are connected.

Scale type

Which scale or terminal is connected? The following are available: MWI, MCI, CS60000, KSW, BWI


Insert information

Which data set should be transferred? For example, the gross weight.



What action should take place after insertion? It is possible to do a tab or an enter or even no action at all.



Here you choose whether the data sets should use a comma or a period as a decimal separator.



When you select this option, the data is written to the software folder as a CSV file ("Ticket.csv") with a time stamp. 


If a scale is connected to the company network via WLAN or Ethernet, the software can communicate with the scale via the network when "Remote" is activated.



Prints a weighing ticket on the standard printer connected to the PC, the contents of which can be defined by the user can.