Product information "Counting scale CS"

The inventory scale CS is a precise counting scale for quick weighing of equal small parts of all kinds; you can determine unknown quantities and control known amounts. The scale is versatile and easy to use - even a little experienced staff knows immediately how the CS works.


  • High weighing and counting accuracy at an affordable price
  • Capacity: 6kg / 15kg / 30kg
  • Easy to read 3 LCD display, 5-digit, digit height 20 mm with adjustable backlight
  • Three indicators - weight, unit weight and number of pieces
  • Numeric keypad to enter piece weights, tare weights and reference quantities
  • Tactile keys with audible feedback
  • External resolution with 60.000 items
  • Robust and protected against overload with overload warning
  • Dust cover as cover
  • Optionally available with battery


  • Tare deduction for a known container weight
  • Summing of weights and quantities
  • Stability and zero-tracking
  • Target quantity / target weight can be programmed
  • Variable reference piece count with reference optimization for more accurate counting
  • Acoustic signal when reaching or exceeding a target quantity

Price List

NON-VERIFIABLE Weighing range, Max Readability, d Taring range Linearity deviation Price, €
excl. VAT.
CS 60 000 06
6 kg 0,1 g - 6 kg 0,2 g 220,-
CS 60 000 15
15 kg 0,2 g - 10 kg 0,4 g 220,-
CS 60 000 30
30 kg 0,5 g - 15 kg 1,0 g 220,-
 Battery         25,-
Check weight Suitable test weights also with calibration certificate  on request

Function - principle

The automatic reference optimization calculates the average number of unit weight and improves the counting accuracy of the scale. High external and even higher internal resolution guarantee an easy counting of large quantities of small parts.


The detachable stainless steel platform (225 x 300 mm) of the bench scale and the robust plastic housing with the waterproof membrane keypad guarantee a high level of protection in industrial environments. Direct force application to a high-precision strain gauge load cell delivers reliable weight and counting results in fractions of a second. A replaceable protective cover against dust or other residues protects the display and keys from damage.  Because of the four height-adjustable feet and with the help of the built-in adjustment bubble, the table scale can be set up in changing locations without any problems.



Display and keyboard

With the three LCD displays: piece count - piece weight - weight value, you have everything in view. The adjustable backlighting guarantees optimal readability even in unfavourable lighting conditions. Intuitive operation is provided by the comfortable membrane keyboard with 20 keys and tactile feedback, which makes operation easy even for inexperienced personnel. The keys have a perceptible pressure point, which makes them easy to operate. The numeric keypad can be used to enter tare weights (limit values for checkweighing / reference piece count - piece weight).


Power supply

As standard, the inventory scale is supplied with mains power via a plug-in power supply unit. Optionally, we offer an integrated rechargeable battery with which the scale can be used for up to 35 hours on the move. The charging time is 12 hours. The adjustable automatic switch-off saves power and protects the battery. 


Optionally, the scale can be equipped with a serial interface RS 232 for data transmission. If you need a printout of the number of pieces, you will find a suitable printer in our range. Alternatively, you can also connect the counting system to your PC (optionally available software kit) and transfer the weighing data directly to the computer. Transmission cables, an external second display (suitable for open sales points) or printers are available as accessories.

Counting Scale for Screws

Counting Scale for Screws in the Workshop

The counting scale for screws allows small parts in the warehouse to be quickly and accurately counted and picked.

How does a counting scale for screws work?

First, the individual weight of a screw or small part is manually recorded with the counting scale. This weight is then stored in the scale's memory as the weight for 1 piece by pressing a button. Subsequently, larger quantities of screws or small parts (within the nominal load range) can be placed on the counting scale. The three-part display shows the individual weight, the total weight, and the piece count. To ensure that the parts to be weighed are safely placed on the scale and thus provide a precise measurement result, they are usually placed in containers or other packaging. These can be tared before weighing.

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Product-group: Bench scale, Counting scale
Requirements | Area of application: Industry, Logistics and shipping, Trade and retail

Accessory Items

ISO calibration certificate

The calibration of the balance is carried out and documented by us with certified weights.The audit log will receive a confirmation of the accuracy of your test equipment , as required by the ISO 9001 and other quality management systems.