Product information "Bench scale WSE"

The WSE bench scale is a legal-for-trade bench scale for fast weight determination in the legal-for-trade sector. The scale is versatile and easy to use - even less experienced staff will know immediately how the WSE works. The optionally available rechargeable battery gives the table scale adaptable mobility and makes it an indispensable daily helper. 

Checkweigher - Portioning scale
When weighing with a tolerance range, you can set the upper and lower limit values so that the weighed-in product lies exactly within the set tolerance range. The device indicates when the tolerance range is exceeded or not reached visually with arrow symbols in the display and an audible signal. 

Two-range scale

With dual-range scales, the total weighing range [Max] is divided into 2 sub-ranges and starts in a smaller weighing range with more accurate readability [d]. If the first weighing range is exceeded, the scale automatically switches to a larger weighing range with a coarser readability.


  • Legal for trade as dual range scale
  • Capacity: 6kg / 15kg / 30kg
  • Stainless steel platform 300 x 225 mm
  • Power-saving 6-digit 25 mm LCD display with adjustable backlight
  • Stability and zero point control
  • Robust and overload protected with overload warning
  • Adjustable automatic shut-off
  • Standard dust cover
  • Optional RS 232 interface for connection to printer / PC
  • Optional accumulator


The weighing scale has a limit function with two freely selectable weight values, percentage values and values of quantities. The weight values ​​can be added in a memory.

  • Weighing with adjustable tolerance range (+ / -)
  • Acoustic signal when reaching or exceeding a target weight
  • Simple piece counting with reference quantities 10, 20, 50, 100 or 200
  • Percentage determination, comparative and differential weighing
  • Tare
  • Membrane keys with audible feedback
  • Totalising measurement memory (automatic or manual)


  • Supermarket checkweigher
  • For weighing mixtures and formulations (tea, coffee, herbs, etc.)
  • Piece counting during commissioning or stocktaking


 Weighing technology - Calibratability

A precise and stable display of the weighing results is guaranteed by the high internal resolution and the direct force application into a strain gauge load cell. The load cell is certified according to OIML R-76 / EN 45501. The WSE bench scales are legal for trade in accordance with the requirements of the International Organisation for Legal Metrology (OIML) and comply with the guidelines of accuracy class III. For legal-for-trade applications, please order the verification directly. Subsequent calibration is not possible!
The WSE bench scale is a dual-range scale. With a dual-range scale, the scale automatically changes from the smaller to the next larger range when a load is applied. When the scale returns to zero, it does not automatically switch to the smaller range.

Example: WSE 06:
First weighing range: 0 - 3 kg with increment 1 g
Second weighing range: from 3 - 6 kg with increment 2 g

Display and Keypad

A bright, power-saving 6-digit LCD display with 14 mm digit height ensures good readability of the weighing data. The adjustable backlight guarantees optimum visibility even in unfavourable lighting conditions. Intuitive operation is provided by the convenient 7-key membrane keypad, which makes operation easy even for inexperienced personnel. The keys with a perceptible pressure point ensure safe operation.


Power supply

As standard, the inventory scale is supplied with mains power via a plug-in power supply unit. Optionally, we offer an integrated rechargeable battery with which the scale can be used for up to 35 hours on the move. The charging time is 12 hours. The adjustable automatic switch-off saves power and protects the battery.


The detachable stainless steel platform (225 x 300 mm) of the bench scale and the robust plastic housing with the waterproof membrane keypad guarantee a high level of protection in industrial environments. A replaceable protective cover against dust or other residues protects against damage to the display and keys. Thanks to the four height-adjustable feet and with the help of the built-in adjustment bubble, the table scale can be set up in changing locations without any problems.



  • Stainless steel platform 300 x 225 mm
  • Unit dimensions 320 x 340 x 125 mm
  • Impact-resistant ABS plastic housing, protection class IP54


Optionally, this scale can be equipped with a serial interface RS 232 for data transfer. This enables data transfer of the weight data to a PC, printer or second display.
An external second display (suitable for open points of sale) or printer are available as accessorie

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Product-group: Bench scale, Checkweigher
Requirements | Area of application: Industry, Logistics and shipping, Trade and retail, Laboratory and research, Food industry


ISO calibration certificate

The calibration of the balance is carried out and documented by us with certified weights.The audit log will receive a confirmation of the accuracy of your test equipment , as required by the ISO 9001 and other quality management systems.