Product information "Lifting table scale - manually HTW"

The mobile scissor lift table with integrated scale ensures ergonomic operation. This high-quality lift table with mounting scale has a wide range of applications in picking or placement in the warehouse, freight forwarders or in industrial plants. The scissor lift table also supports you during loading, filling or unloading machines, shelves, or production lines. The back is protected and the ergonomics and performance in the workplace can be increased if the goods are brought to a convenient working height. The rechargeable battery guarantees maximum mobility and makes the scale an indispensable mobile daily helper.


  • Capacity 1500 kg / Division: 100 g
  • You can choose between different displays
  • Indicator with LCD display with adjustable backlight
  • Basic functions: gross, net, hold, tare, summation
  • Operation: Battery 4 A / h (approx. 70 hours) or via mains / charging unit
  • Robust durable ABS Electronics housing - class of protection IP54
  • User-friendly dust-and waterproof membrane keyboard
  • Robust and overload protection with overload warning
  • Option: interface for serial data transmission of measurement data to a printer, PC, etc

Lift table

  • Sturdy scissors-brace
  • High quality powder coating
  • Quality hydraulic pump
  • Parking brakes on both steering rollers
  • Polyurethane wheels for quiet running
  • Robust and overload protected


  • Legal for trade
  • Interface for serial data transmission of measurement data to printer, PC , etc.


The weighing platform is made ​​of powder coated steel. The powder coating of the frame is sturdy and prevents premature corrosion. Solid scissors braces, a quality hydraulic pump and a stable handle with operating lever complement these facilities. The indicator is connected to the frame.

Capacity:  500 kg / 1000 kg / 1500 kg as standard.


The manual scissor lift table scale is raised force gently on the foot pedal and reaches after about 30 to 40 strokes the maximum height. Ideal for loading or unloading of shelves or production lines.

Weighing technology

The platform is equipped with four high-quality strain gauge load cells.

Power supply and interfaces

The lift table scale is supplied as standard with battery (charger included). The weight data can be printed via the serial RS 232 interface.


Typ HTW 500E HTW 500W HTW 500C HTW 1000E HTW 1000W HTW 1000C
Waagenanzeige Waagenanzeige EWI-T (eichfähig) und GTE-T (nicht eichfähig) im Aluminiumgehäuse
Waagenaanzeige GTW im Aluminiumgehäuse
Zählwaagen-Anzeige - optional mit Signalampel
Waagenanzeige für Bodenwaage
Waagenanzeige MWI
Zählwaagen-Anzeige - optional mit Signalampel
Wägebereich / Tragfähigkeit 500 kg 1.000 kg
Ablesbarkeit d 100 g 200 g
Länge / Breite / Tiefe
910 x 530 x 88 mm 1100 x 540 x 98 mm
Hubhöhe 385 / 945 mm 430 / 1050 mm
Hub je Schlag ca. 15 mm ca. 15 mm
Handgriffhöhe 970 mm 970 mm
Gesamtlänge 1165 mm 1330 mm
Gesamtbreite 530 mm 610 mm
Gesamtgewicht ca. 100 kg 130 kg


Hubtisch mit Waage - Konstruktion

Product-group: Lifting table scale
Requirements | Area of application: Logistics and shipping

Accessory Items

Weighing Indicator MCI
Professional counting indicators
Legal for trade - in plastic housing
Weighing terminal MWI / GTW
Professional weighing terminal
Legal for trade

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