Product information "SHELF-i smart shelf module"

SHELF-i the smart shelf module for load cells vending machines

What is SHELF-i?

Your shelf can now talk. It tells you what the current stock levels are. With the SHELF-i you get the perfect basic module for your warehousing. It allows you to continuously keep an eye on your stocks. For example, you can integrate the modules directly in your existing shelves.


The weighing module consists of a load cell with an integrated A/D converter. The cell is placed between two robust mounting plates made of die-cast aluminium. Thanks to prepared threaded holes the panels can be installed in many ways. RJ11/RJ12 ports are enabling an easy connection to existing networks.

Technology, software and options

Basic software for configuration/calibration/addressing is supplied. The data can be sent to up to 32 units via RS485 bus. Optionally, you can receive the module with network gateway and IP address. If larger quantities are purchased, an additional overload protection can be installed on request.

Features & Functions

  • Pre-assembled module for flexible use
  • Sturdy mounting plates made of die-cast aluminium are simplifying the installation and protecting the load cell
  • Enables real-time stock control
  • Perfect for shop fitting, self-service shelving and inventory applications
  • Can be integrated into shelves, racks, vending machines or containers on building sites
  • Easy cabling using RJ11/RJ12
  • Swift integration into existing networks
  • The A/D converter is integrated in the load cell and delivers precise weight results
  • The RS485 bus enables data transmission to up to 32 devices
  • Including basic software for configuration/calibration/addressing
  • Also available with network gateway and IP address
  • Optional overload protection: Additionally prevents damage to the load cel


Weighing module SHELF-i Function chart

To understand the structure of the load cell modules more clearly, the diagram below shows the range of possible applications. A power injector can manage up to 128 addresses (load cells) and supply them with voltage.
It has 4 RS485 D-Sub connections with 32 addresses each. For most load cell terminals, 128 addresses are sufficient. For equipping and supervising larger warehouses or shelf walls, the „SHELF-i smart shelf module“ from BOSCHE offers the opportunity to use the network gateway for addressing. In this case, an IP address is given to each power injector in the LAN network.
Data of the individual weighing modules can be called up using a terminal software (e.g. „Putty“). We also provide a corresponding data protocol for this purpose.

Shelf-i sind Bauähnlich mit SmartShelf von Mettler Toledo

Product-group: Weighing module
Requirements | Area of application: Logistics and shipping, Trade and retail