Product information "Hydraulic lift table scale HTWH"

Parts are often picked at the production tool machines directly for shipping. The exact target quantity plays an important role. Missing parts can be claimed by customers and damage trust. If too many parts are packaged, this is not economical and can also cause harmful interference to customers. Even with careful work, it is not always possible to keep over a longer time frame track of the produced workpieces.  Also shift change with incomplete containers often causes errors. In order to achieve maximum process safety, counting scales are increasingly used. The exact number is determined by the average piece weight. In a tailored software (on the process) all job-related data such as average piece weight, target quantity and number of layers are deposited and the worker follows a fixed procedure. A new package is tared and a traffic signal provides information on the current status. Also, differences in unit weight can be detected and thus recognized early error from the scale. Particularly lightweight parts can be controlled via a high-resolution reference scale and then counted on the quantity scale.If a package is ready counted, a ticket is printed and the order to the ERP system is reported. In order to improve the ergonomics, the scale can also be integrated into a lifting device. Thus, the worker has the opportunity to work always at the desired height. In still empty package a back-damaging work can be avoided.


Flexlift Flunder low profile hydraulic lift table with scales

Electric lift table with integrated scale for ergonomic operation.
Flexliftlift table F-CE 1000/75-F-K flat lift table"Flexlift-Flunder" (The type of the lifting table can be customized by the user) equipped with a scale with capacity up to 1000 kg.



  • Weighing capacity 2000 kg
  • Fanless weighing terminal with aluminum housing
  • 15" display with resistive touch
  • Robust and overload-proof due to overload warning

Lift table

  • Ergonomics and safety
  • Seal of approval of the "Gesunder Rücken" (Healthy Back)
  • Recommended in the permanent exhibition of the professional association in Dortmund
  • Approval according to EN 1570 and the Swiss SUVA
  • Full steel scissors made of St 52
  • Shockproof lift table platform, 6-8 mm sheet steel
  • High quality hydraulic cylinders with multiple seal protected platform integrated in the lift table platform
  • Durable storage combination consisting of hard-chromed shafts and high quality bearings
  • All hydraulic elements and connections of high quality branded manufacturers
  • Clean hydraulically connected foot contact strip
  • No electrics on the lifting table (with the exception of the attached aggregate)
  • Foot clearance, because there is no interfering sub-frame (see diagram on page 2)
  • A mobile version at no extra cost
  • Rollers available in C45 or in polyamide
  • Hydraulic aggregate with protective cover
  • Fast installation and startup


The weighing platform is made ​​of powder coated steel. The lifting table scale is provided with a rotary platform 360°.

Platform size:  1300 x 900 mm, pit platform 1700x900, feet 190 mm clear height
Capacity: 500 kg / 1100 kg / 2000 kg as standard

This stationary lift table is equipped with a control panel with 2.65 m cable.

In addition to lift switches and lowering switches this lift table scale is equipped with an emergency stop and key switch to prevent unauthorized use.

Weighing technology

The platform is equipped with four high-quality strain gauge load cells, which are laser-welded (IP68) and certified according to OIML. Optionally, this lift table scale can be delivered calibratable in accuracy class III.


The easy-to-clean aluminum housing with an attractive design was developed specifically for use in harsh industrial environments. The weighing terminal with a 15" display has a resistive touch screen. The fanless system features a solid-state drive and has no moving parts. Thus, the operation is also possible under vibration.

Working method

Own Back-friendly with lifting table of Bosche



Product-group: Lifting table scale
Requirements | Area of application: Logistics and shipping


Lifting table scale - manually HTW
Mobile scissor lift table
Capacity: 500 / 1000 / 1500 kg