Product information "Weigh beam WBL"

Weighing beams with matching display offer a complete weighing assembly system for stationary or mobile use. The system consists of a display of your choice and two sturdy hot-dip galvanised beams with integrated load cells. The tube frame is designed for high stability and loads, ensuring that the scales can cater for a distributed payload of up to 3 t. Thanks to its low construction height of only 110 mm (1,50 m, 2,00 m) respectively, the beams allows for the integration of various load systems. The weighing beams can thus be used for the construction of customised scales (eg animal scale with mounting under a cattle treatment stand). Thanks to their low weight, they are easy to operate and highly mobile. The weighing beam can be calibrated upon customer request with a matching indicator by verified weights.

The weighing rails provide a simple and solid way to weigh loads and rigid structures (roller conveyors , containers , boxes, etc.) accurately and cost-effectively.


  • Solid steel construction - galvanized, extremely rigid
  • Flexible use
  • Robust HARTING industrial connectors with Quick Lock system - protected against damage
  • Rubber-damped load cells - protected against shocks
  • Extremely flat construction with load cells which are laid in the frame
  • Low weight
  • Robust and overload protected
  • Indicator of your choice
  • Optional: Customized capacity up to 15000 kg

Scope of application

Weighing of large boxes, in the cargo area of airports and railway stations, basic construction for building individual installations, such as taxiways, cattle scales, weighing stations, etc.


The height-adjustable feet allow for easy setting up the weighing profiles as slight level differences can be compensated.

Power supply and interfaces

The weighing beams can be supplied with mains operation or battery operation with different interfaces depending on the choice of the indicator.


The weighing beams have a flat, sturdy construction made ​​of galvanized steel. Four high-quality strain gauge load cells ensure accurate weighing. This laser-welded load cells with IP68 are certified to OIML. The high strength of the tubular frame allows the scale a capacity of max. 3 tons. As with all BOSCHE scales, all the cables and load cells are laid in the frame and therefore protected against damage. The weighing beams are connected to each other with a 3 m long (other cable length possible) power cable, so that the relative distance can be chosen freely. This also permits a weighing of long or bulky items. The rugged industrial connectors of the weighing beams is housed securely and the Quick-Lock system of the connector ensures a quick and secure connection. The connection to the indicator is via a 5 m long, steel-jacketed cable. 

The indicator can be selected according to customer requirements

Beam length: 1500 mm or 2000 mm. Another size made ​​to customer specifications, is also possible
Capacity: 600 kg / 1500 kg / 3000 kg as standard.


Type  Weighing range/resolution Length Construction
WBL 15-0600 600 kg / 100 g 1500 mm Steel galvanised
WBL 15-1500 1500 kg / 200 g 1500 mm Steel galvanised
WBL 15-3000 3000 kg / 500 g 1500 mm Steel galvanised
WBL 20-0600 600 kg / 100 g 2000 mm Steel galvanised
WBL 20-1500 1500 kg / 200 g 2000 mm Steel galvanised
WBL 20-3000 3000 kg / 500 g 2000 mm Steel galvanised
WBL  X Customized Customized Customized
Product-group: Agricultural scale, Weigh beam
Requirements | Area of application: Industry, Agriculture

Accessory Items

Indicator BWI
Weighing indicator with
large 50mm display
Weighing terminal MWI / GTW
Professional weighing terminal
Legal for trade
Weighing controller CSW
Weighing terminal
for filling and dispensing apps
Weighing terminal PMW
Multi-function weighing indicators
for panel mounting

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