Weight sensors

Weight sensors for scales are also referred to as load cells or transducers and belong to the group of scale components. The DMS sensor converts the mechanical load into an electronic signal.

bosche.eu offers weight sensors with a rated load between 50 kg and 200 tons.

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Double shear beam load cells
Compression load cells
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Miniature load cells
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Special Load Cells

How does a weight sensor work?

The sensor detects changes within a physical stimulus such as weight. This corresponds to the principle of a spring balance. For this we use strain gauge sensors, among other things. This is a sensor with strain gauges or DMS for short. The resistance of the gage changes with the applied force. The sensor converts mechanical variables such as force, pressure or weight into a measurable change in electrical resistance. The acting weight causes a deflection or a change in length of the measuring body.

This achieves a large change in resistance with the smallest changes in length. The output signal changes due to the different resistance of the strain gauges. This makes it possible to determine the weight exactly and to achieve valid results through the weight measurement.

Advantages of a weight sensor for scales

Bosche.eu offers a wide range of weight sensors. Our scale components impress with their high resilience and accuracy. They are suitable for a range of applications and can be used to suit your individual requirements.


Our high quality weight sensors are laser welded and made from alloy steel or stainless steel. This means that they have a high resistance to environmental influences and are stable even under sustained high loads. The sensors are therefore ideal for use in demanding work environments.


The sensors always deliver very precise results because they can be precisely calibrated. High-precision measurement results optimize the economic efficiency of processes or minimize the susceptibility of products to errors. The safety of building components is also increased. It doesn't matter whether particularly low or particularly high loads are measured here, the results are always precise.


Weight sensors work almost drift-free and can therefore be used long-term and in various areas. Choose the best sensor for your needs from our range. Our staff will be happy to advise you on how the respective weight sensor works and support you in making the right choice for your application.

Order high-quality weight sensors now!

What are the different weight sensors for scales?

We know from experience that every weight measurement process has different requirements. That is why we have developed a high-quality range over the past decades that offers suitable load cells for a large number of scales. The individual components are optimally tailored to the main use of the scale in order to ensure precise results.

    • Bending beam load cells: They are used in dosing scales and overhead railway scales. These weighing components are mainly used in food production or in the cosmetics industry.
    • Double shear beam load cells: They are mainly used in silo and container scales to determine high loads quickly and precisely. The load cells are particularly robust and durable.
    • Compression load cells: They are used both as heavy-duty scales and as cargo scales. They are suitable for both stationary and mobile weighing systems.
    • Miniature load cells: They are commonly used in locking force monitoring and robotics. Highly accurate measurement results are there to ensure quality and safety.
    • Platform load cells: suitable for use in platform scales and belt scales.
    • S-shaped load cells: ideal for use in crane scales such as hybrid scales. Even high loads are recorded with the highest measurement accuracy.
    • Shear beam load cells: suitable for use in hopper scales and platform scales.
    • Special load cells: custom-made load cells are optimized for the requirements of your weighing system. Whether particularly low or high loads are to be measured here is irrelevant. Our team will work with you to develop a load cell that is guaranteed to impress you.

Areas of application of a weight sensor

The weight sensors are versatile. You have the option of choosing ready-made components for your weighing systems or having special load cells made. This further increases the possible areas of application:

      • Press-in devices -; ensure accurate results for press-in fixtures. With a correctly measured pressing force, you can, among other things, ensure the safety of components and maintain consistent quality standards.
      • Quality assurance and process monitoring - make sure that your production is continuously working at the highest level in all areas.
      • Test devices presses - implement load cells for your test devices, which deliver high measurement accuracy and ensure safety in process handling.
      • Use in the food industry - ensure consistent product quality.
      • Measuring weights in test benches - test bench technology
      • In research and development - versatile and easy to calibrate if necessary.

Why should you buy weight sensors from the manufacturer bosche.eu

We offer you and your company more than 20 years of experience in scale construction. This not only means that you can expect professional service according to DIN ISO and an extensive range. We are also your contact for questions about scales in industrial use.

You can also opt for high quality and worldwide service from our specialists. Convince yourself of our range - order the right weight sensors now!


Bending Beam load cell B10N
Capacity: 5 - 500 kg
Stainless Steel, laser-welded
Bending Beam load cell B10S
Capacity: 50 - 500 kg
Alloy steel, laser-welded
Canister type load cell C27N
Capacity: 10 - 50 t
Alloy steel, laser-welded
Compression Load cell V71N
Capacity 0.5 - 30 t
electro polished stainless steel, laser welded
Compressive force - Load cell C30S
Capacity: 30 - 50 klb
alloyed steel
Cross shear beam X40S
Capacity: 10.000-100.000 kg
Material: Alloyed steel
Digital Single point load cell H20A-D
Capacity: 15 - 300 kg
Material: Aluminium
Digital Single point load cell H33A-D
Capacity: 15 - 300 kg
Material: Aluminium
Double Ended Shear Beam load cell D10N
Capacity: 4.536 - 90.720 kg
Stainless Steel, laser-welded
Double Ended Shear Beam load cell D20S
Capacity: 13.607 - 34.091 kg
Alloy steel, laser-welded