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Volume measurement system

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  • BW10007
  • Volume measurement system<br />zippcube®
  • Semiautomatic volume and weight measurement of Non-Rectangular / Irregular-Shaped Items
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Made in Germany
Semi-automatic volume and weight recording of items In the mail-order trade, exact item master... more
Product information "zippcube®"

Semi-automatic volume and weight recording of items

In the mail-order trade, exact item master data is required for warehouse management and picking. To get it, an accurate calculation of the dimensions (length, width, height) as well as the weight of the items is necessary. The zippcube will improve the quality in this process easily. This is important for choosing the best option for transport and storage space and is also essential for accurate freight billing.

The BOSCHE “zippcube” volume scale has four laser-welded load cells which ensure reliable weighing. A sturdy and flat scale frame allows the easy application of the objects to be measured. Particular care was taken to keep the entire weighing technology as free of maintenance and wear as possible. The semi-automatic recording of data takes place within seconds. Two pairs of high-precision light curtains scan the objects to be measured (no matter what their shape) and ensure contactless -dimension detection. The intuitive-to-use, configurable software included presents all of the data clearly at a glance. These values can then easily be transferred to existing merchandise management and dispatch systems.

Features & Benefits - zippcube

  • Combined volume and weight recording in one run
  • The sturdy measurement port can effortlessly be moved across the maintenance-free guide
  • Sturdy frame made from powder-coated steel
  • 8 mm toughened safety glass (up to 50 kg maximum load) in conjunction with a 2 mm scratch-resistant Optical HC plexiglass window for high shock and impact resistance
  • High-quality light curtains for contactless dimension recording
  • Reliable weighing via four precision load cells
  • Weighing range of up to 50 kg distributed load / 2 mm size measurement resolution
  • Maintenance and wear-free measuring equipment design
  • Available in three different sizes
  • Intuitive software with visualization and volume determination of objects
  • Export options to a CSV file or SQL database
  • Simple integration into merchandise management and dispatch systems
  • Windows 10 industrial PC featuring touch screen, USB, Ethernet, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth (for calliper, scanner, etc.)
  • Optional: Mobile table and removable battery system (running time up to 10 hours)

Semiautomatic non contact volume and weight measurement -  measure and weigh irregular-shaped items for distribution, packaging and warehousing applications.
The included software visualizes weight and dimension data directly on your Windows computer.


Optionally, you can enhance the system further with some useful features. For instance, a camera can thus record the respective product photo for the master data, a hand scanner enables the scanning of barcodes and a dolly, in combination with a self-sufficient power supply, turns the Bosche volume scale into a mobile workstation.

The right size for every area of application

Is it particularly important to be able to operate in a minimum amount of space or should oversized packages/items be recorded too? You can choose the appropriate zippcube from three different versions for your specific application.
Box on demand / on demand packaging.


Zippcube S

Zippcube klein

Zippcube M

Zippcube Mittel

Zippcube L

Zippcube Groß

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Available downloads:
Volumenlichtgitter für berührungslose Volumenerfassung  Volume measurement system
Volume measuring frame with scales for sizing
volume and weight measurement in logistics
Volumenwaage zur Volumenmessung Made in Germany Volume scale
3D Silence
Non-contact static volume and
weighing measurement system
ab €6,500.00
Volumenwaage zur Volumenmessung Made in Germany Volume scale
3D Silence
Non-contact static volume and
weighing measurement system
ab €6,500.00
Volumenlichtgitter für berührungslose Volumenerfassung  Volume measurement system
Volume measuring frame with scales for sizing
volume and weight measurement in logistics
Weighing table with picking system Workstation with an integrated weighing system
Zähl- Wägetisch mit PC basierendem Zählsystem mit ERP-Anbindung
Bodenwaage aus Edelstahl mit abschraubbarer Edelstahl-Lastplatte. Floor scale
Stainless steel floor scale
Capacity: 300|600|1500|3000 kg
Mobile picking system Mobile Workstation with an integrated weighing system
Mobiles Kommissioniersystem mit integrierter Waage
Lastmessbolzen - Kraftmessbolzen - lOAD PIN Loadpins
Capacity: Customised
Alloyed steel or stainless steel
Paketwaage Versandwaage Package scale
Capacity: 100 / 150 kg
Stainless steel platform: 330 x 330 mm
K30N shear beam load cell - stainless steel Shear beam load cell
Capacity: 500 - 10.000 kg
Stainless steel, laser-welded
ab €120.00
 Integration von Waagen in Rollenbahnen Roller conveyor
Easy integration
Customised dimensions possible
Stainless steel bending beam load cell Bending Beam load cell
Capacity: 5 - 500 kg
Stainless Steel, laser-welded
Mobile Ferkelwaage Mobile piglet scales
Capacity: 60 / 100 / 150 kg
Stainless steel platform 330 x 330 x 60 mm
Hubwagen mit integrierter Waage bis 2500 kg Pallet Truck Scale
HLS 2500
Pallet truck with integrated scale
Capacity up to 2500 kg
ab €1,320.00
Wägetisch mit integriertem Zählwaage mit Referenz- und Mengenwaage Wägetisch mit Zählwaage und Referenzwaage
Weighing table with counting scale system
Eichfähige Kranwaage für hohe Lasten bis 25 Tonnen Crane scale
Legal for trade
Capacity up to 1.5, 6 or 9.5 t
ab €2,898.00
Packtisch mit Waage - Bausatz für Packtisch mit Wägesystem Waagenbausatz für Packtische
Weighing table with counting scale system
Hochlast-Kranwaage aus Edelstahl 3t - 50t High load crane scales
Weighing capacity up to
3 / 6 / 9 / 12 / 17 / 25 / / 35 / 55 t
ab €1,125.00
Rubberkit - Weighing module with rubber for tank or vessel Weighing module
Loadblock for bending beam load cells
up to 250 kg
ab €255.00
Solas Container wiegen Container weighing beam
2 weighing beams with indicator
Weighing range 20 t per beam
Akkus für Waagen Akkumulator
Wartungsfreier Blei-Akku von Panasonic
Junction box JBB-04 Junction box
Kompakter flacher Klemmkasten aus Edelstahl
für die Paralelschaltung von 4 Wägezellen
Needle printer Needle printer
Matrix - Nadeldrucker für Waagen
Platform scale IPS-MC Platform scale
Legal for trade platform counting scale
Capacity: 30 / 60 / 150 kg
Durchfahrwaage aud Edelstahl  - geeicht Roll Through Scales
Weighing range: 600 kg
Weighing platform: 1 x 1,5 m
Mobile Palettenwaagenv geeicht bis 1500 kg Pallet scale
Legal for trade pallet scale
Capacity: 600 / 1500 / 3000 kg
Hochpräzise Feinwaage eichfähig Precision balance
Legal for trade laboratory scale
Weighing range: 1.2 / 3 / 6 kg
ab €270.00
Mobiler Scherenhubtisch mit Waage Lifting table scale
manually HTW
Mobile scissor lift table
Capacity: 500 / 1000 / 1500 kg
ab €1,595.00
Geeichter Wiegehubwagen mit Waage bis 2000 kg Pallet truck scale
HLS-D 2000
Legal for trade pallet truck with scale
Capacity up to 2000 kg
ab €1,611.00
Geeichter Wiegehubwagen aus Edelstahl Stainless steel pallet truck scale
HLS-D 2000 SS
Legal for trade stainless steel pallet truck
Capacity up to 2000 kg
ab €4,780.00
Ampelwaage von BOSCHE Traffic light scale
Scale with signal light
with traffic light function
Industrie-PC Lüfterloses Design ohne bewegliche Teile PC-based weighing terminal
AL-logic HMI 15
AL-logic 15 inch touch screen
and 24-bit A / D converter
ab €1,750.00
Der WTB Messumformer verfügt über eine 6-stellige Gewichtsanzeige mit Analogausgang Weight Transmitter
Legal for trade digital measuring amplifier for strain gauge full bridges - load cells
ab €190.00
vielseitiger digitaler DMS-Messverstärker WTE Weight Transmitter
Weighing transducer
with analog output
ab €190.00
Shear beam load cell K40N Shear beam load cell
Capacity: 500 - 2.500 kg
Stainless Steel, laser-welded
Strain transducer Strain Transducers
Indirect measurement of the strain
Stainless Steel, potted IP 65
Preis auf Anfrage
Tension and Compression load cell V60S Tension and Compression
load cell V60S
Capacity: 3 - 20 t
Alloy steel, laser-welded
ab €275.00
OIML Single point load cell transducer Single point load cell
Capacity: 100 - 500 kg
Material: Aluminium
S-Type load cell  S21S S-Type load cell
Capacity: 2.000 - 5.000 kg
Alloy steel, laser-welded
Eichfähige digitale Klemmkästen mit integriertem 24bit Interface Digital Load Cell
Amplifier DBB
Verifiable digital terminal boxes
with integrated 24bit scale interface
ab €185.00
Weighing platform TP Weighing platform
Legal for trade weighing platforms Capacity: 60 / 150 / 300 / 600 kg
400x400, 600x600, 800x800 mm
ab €185.00
On-board Weighing Double Shear Beam load cell
Capacity: 10.000 - 50.000 kg
Alloy steel, laser welded