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Gravimetric filling station

Gravimetrische Füllstation von BOSCHE
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  • BW10158
  • Gravimetric filling station<br />GFS
  • semi-automatic filling<br />with liquids
The filling scales GFS relates to semi-automatic filling with liquids. We use the... more
Product information "Gravimetric filling station GFS"

The filling scales GFS relates to semi-automatic filling with liquids. We use the gravimetric method: the operator inputs the nominal weight into the integrated scales, and starts the filling process, which first takes place in a coarse flow. When the stored nominal weight is reached, the system switches to fine flow, calculates the time lag overrun and switches off. The nominal and actual values therefore coincide. The GFS is also suitable for filling products with high foam formation, due to bottom-up filling. The system is controlled by a PLC with control panel. When entering the formula, filling weight, container height and filling level can be entered. The GFS filling system is supplied fully assembled and calibrated so that after connecting it, weighing applications can immediately take place. There is also the option for individual printouts to be made.


  • Small containers with contents from 1 kg upwards, canisters, drums or containers - weighing range 60 kg
  • Use of calibratable weighing technology
  • Multi-stage dispensing (coarse dispensing , fine dispensing)
  • Bottom-up filling
  • High dispensing accuracy due to intelligent control
  • Rapid dispensing due to high-resolution weighing technology
  • Accuracy in dynamic weighing +/- 1%
  • Robust and overload-proof
  • Simple, intuitive operation
  • Adaptable to all containers through simple height adjustment
  • Pressure-opening, spring-closing filling valve
  • Easy, fast cleaning options
  • Sturdy steel construction - powder coated
  • Easy access for maintenance 
  • Weight: approx. 460 kg
  • Self-optimising dispensing program
  • Data storage for articles and formulae
  • Optional: Printer, scanner or IT systems connection 
  • Optional: PLC function for machine control
  • Mobile deployment possible

Filling process

  1. Formula is selected
  2. The container is placed on the scales.
  3. The start button is pressed. 
  4. The filling indicator moves automatically into the container opening, up to approx. 50mm above the bottom. 
  5. The scale is automatically tared to zero. 
  6. The filling valve is opened to 100%. The filling indicator fills the container.
  7. As the liquid level rises, the filling indicator continuously moves upwards (approx. 50 mm above the liquid level). 
  8. When 97% of the nominal weight is reached, fine dispensing begins.
  9. The filling hose returns to the initial position.
  10. This data is prepared for further processing in general data management system. The execution is carried out in accordance with the usual technical engineering standards for food processing plants.
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