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    • Weight Transmitter WTS (ohne)
    • Weighing module<br />K30-ME
    • Ideal for hopper or<br />tank weighing applications
    Calibratable weighing module made of stainless steel, with base plate and rubber-metal bearing... more
    Product information "Weighing module K30-ME"

    Calibratable weighing module made of stainless steel, with base plate and rubber-metal bearing force receptor
    The K30-ME mounting kit was specially developed for the shear beam load cells of the K30 series. A rubber-metal bearing, which compensates for the lateral forces and at the same time positions the load carrier, ensures optimal force reception. The base and bottom plate is made of galvanised steel. Optionally, K30N load cells, made of non-corrosive steel or the K30S, made of alloyed steel, can be installed. 

    Weighing of small and medium containers, mixers and tanks. Dispensing and bagging scales, packaging machine weighing in the process industry.


    • Ideal for hopper or tank weighing applications
    • Material: Galvanised load module; load cell optionally made of K30N stainless steel or K30S alloyed steel
    • Nominal load: 500 kg - 1000 kg
    • Load cell hermetically sealed
    • Rubber-metal bearing for compensation of misalignments, shock loads and slight vibrations
    • Elastomer bearings with self-centring restoring forces 
    • Particularly robust for long-term use in industrial applications
    • Easy to mount due to mounting flange
    • Low construction height
    • Limited tilt protection

    Scope of delivery

    • 1 x load cell
    • 1 x torsion-resistant base plate 
    • 1 x rubber-metal bearing
    • 1 x head plate 
    • 1 x fixed grounding strap

    Design: Rubber bearing with flange

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