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Weight Transmitter

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    • Weight Transmitter<br /> 4-Channel
    • Legal for trade digital measuring amplifier for strain gauge full bridges - load cells
    WTQ 485
    From 1
    WTQ Analog16Bit
    From 1
    WTQ CANopen
    From 1
    WTQ DeviceNet
    From 1
    WTQ CC-Link
    From 1
    WTQ Profibus DP
    From 1
    WTQ Modbus/TCP
    From 1
    WTQ Ethernet TCP/IP
    From 1
    Weighing Transmitter WTQ The WTQ is a digital weighing transmitter with 24 bit A/D converter.... more
    Product information "Weight Transmitter WTQ"

    Weighing Transmitter WTQ

    The WTQ is a digital weighing transmitter with 24 bit A/D converter. It converts the output signals of the connected load cells into a stable weight value. This versatile and extremely reliable weight transmitter has 4 channels for the connection of 4 load cells directly (16 load cells in parallel) and thus enables an evaluation (percentage per channel e.g. for monitoring silo scales).
    The transmitter has both analog and digital outputs, which provide stable measurement information.  Communication is via an RS-485 interface. Programmable relay outputs and two digital logic inputs are also standard. The optional analog output provides an analog signal propotional to the weight, which can be processed by a PLC or PC.
    The WTQ Ethernet2 has two equivalent RJ 45 ports connected as a mini-switch. This allows several devices to be connected in a network without the need for an external switch, thus saving space. One patch cable is sufficient between each device.

    Fieldbus transmitter

    This transmitter allows, with the industry standards of bus technology, the monitoring of various manufacturing processes and is a cost-effective alternative to comparable electronics from PLC manufacturers.

    The variety of available fieldbus interfaces allows easy and safe integration of weighing systems to any automation system. As an option, the industrial measuring amplifier with PLC interfaces and fieldbuses Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP, PROFIBUS DP, PROFINET IO, Ethernet IP, Ethernet TCP/IP, EtherCAT, DeviceNet, CANopen, POWERLINK, CC-Link, IO Link, Sercos III.


     Transmitter mit Modbus SchnittstellePROFIBUS_rgbPROFINET_rgb Transmitter mit ethernet_ip Transmitter mit ethercatLum-DeviceNet Tranmitter mit canopen Transmitter mit POWERLINK  Transmitter mit cc-link  Transmitter mit io-link  Transmitter mit Sercos Schnittstelle

    Features of the weighing transmitter

    • Digital weighing transmitter with PLC interfaces.
    • Space-saving top-hat rail mounting or control cabinet front installation (cut-out 23x96 mm, panel thickness 2.5mm).
    • Wide input voltage range: 12 - 24V DC + / - 10%, + / - 10%
    • Direct connection of up to 4 load cells saves a junction box
    • High measuring rate of the transmitter up to 600 measurements / sec
    • Digital 600Hz filter for even faster measurement results
    • A / D converter: 24 bit
    • Six-digit display with red 7-segment LED's
    • Maximum number of decimals: 4
    • Programmable switching contacts
    • 3 programmable potential free outputs: max. 115V AC / 60mA for control of relays
    • Two digital, optically isolated inputs
    • Interface: RS 485
    • All connections via screw terminals
    • Optional: Analog output, optically isolated, 16-bit (selectable 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0 - 5V, ± 10V, ± 5V)
    • Optional: Profibus-DP, RS 232


    •     Selectable analog output for current or voltage, optically isolated, 16 bit
    •     (selectable 0-20mA, 4-20mA, 0-10V, 0- 5V, ±10V, ±5V)
    •     Various bus systems: Profibus DP, ProfiNet, Ethernet/ModbusTCP and others


    •     Theoretical calibration with input of cell values possible
    •     Linearized calibration with 5 points possible
    •     Indication of the percentage of the weight on each load cell
    •     Different weight filters selectable
    •     Peak function (PEAK) can be linked to a switch point output of a serial interface, analog output, or display.
    •     Event history: storage of the last 50 events: Calibrations, zero settings, errors, equalizations.
    •     Alarm relay: the outputs can be configured to switch in case of alarm.

    Advantage of the WTQ weighing transmitter

    The biggest advantage of the weighing transmitter is the possibility of direct connection of 4 load cells. No cable box is required. In addition, the direct connection of the load cells offers diagnostic possibilities
    - Measurement and monitoring of the load distribution (e.g. in a silo scale to monitor the pile formation)
    - Zero diagnosis (if the weighing system is completely descaled)
    - Digital equalization of strain gauge load cell signals (individually)

    Faster cycle times provide faster and more accurate measurement results. (600 measurement queries / second)



    The WTQ transmitter has a 6-digit weight and service display. The easy-to-read, bright LED display allows the weight value to be checked directly on site.
    The four operating keys can be reached behind a hinged acrylic glass plate at the front.
    4 load cells can be directly connected to the removable screw and terminal strip. A junction box is not necessary. Both 4- and 6-wire load cells can be connected.
    The transmitter is designed for mounting on the standard top hat rail. The narrow design allows the installation of several devices next to each other. Panel mounting is also possible (mounting kit included in delivery).

    Weighing technology - Legal for trade

    The WTQ series weighing transmitters are legal for trade according to OIML calibration class III and IIII. The weighing function is approved with up to 10,000 parts.
    Calibration and function setting is easily done via the keypad.
    There are 3 types of calibration available:
    A Theoretical Calibration - without weights - here the load cell range (mV/V) is entered directly.
    For a linear calibration, 5 load points are available.
    And a classical two-point calibration - zero point and nominal load point.

    Technical data

    A/D converter 4 channels; 24 bit (16,000,000 parts) 4.8 kHz
    Load cell supply 5 V DC / 240 mA
    Leistung 5 W
    Supply voltage of the inputs 5- 24 VDC
    Max. Counter steps ± 999999 (with measuring range +/-10mV = rec. 2mV/V) ♦ 0.01µ/d
    Linearity < 0,01% of range
    Temperature drift (of the analogue output) 0,0005 (0,003) % of range / °C
    Number of load cells ( connected in parallel) Max. 16 á 350 Ω (4/6-wire technology)
    Measuring range ± 39 mV
    Max. Sensitivity of the load cells ± 7 mV
    Max. Conversions per second

    600 conversions/s.

    Display 6 digits, 7 segments, LED red + 6 status LEDs
    Decimal places 0-4 => 0.01, 0.001, 0.0001
    Resolution display - adjustable increments x 1 x 2 x 5 x 10 x 20 x 50 x 100
    Keyboard Membrane keyboard with mechanical pressure point, 6 keys
    Status symbols Zero, tare, memory status
    Measuring range -1mv ~ +14 mv

    Keypad with 4 keys to control the scale functions

    Digital filter 0,060...7 sec
    Conversion rate 5 - 600 Hz
    2 x digital optically isolated inputs 2-5 ÷ 24VDC PNP
    1 x analogue output; optically isolated, 16 bit

    0 / 4 ... +20 mA at max. 300 Ω
    -10 / -5 ...0... +5 / +10 V DC at min. 10 kΩ

    3 x logical relay outputs 3- 115 VAC / 150mAC
    1 x serial interface 485 10 ... 300 Hz (TXRS485 / TDRS485)
    Baud rate 2.400, 4.800, 9.600, 19.200, 38.400, 115.200
    Operating temperature - 20 ... + 60 °C
    Storage temperature - 30 ... + 80 °C
    Humidity max. 85% r.H., non-condensing
    Transmitter Dimension (W x D x H) 120 x 115 x 25 mm

    Price list


    Type Interface
    WTQ RS485 RS485 Serial interface RS-485, up to 32 can be connected in the bus
    WTQ Analog 16Bit

    Serial 16 bit interface RS-485, up to 32 can be connected in the bus Analogue output, opto-decoupled selectable:
    0-20mA / 4-20mA (max 300ohm) / 0-10V / ± 10V / ± 5V (min 10kohm)

    WTQ Profibus DP

    Slave Profibus DP with serial interface RS-485
    Baud rate: up to 12 Mbit/s

    WTQ Profinet IO 2x

    2 x Profinet IO with serial interface RS-485
    Transmission rate: RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    WTQ Modbus/TCP  WTQ_1xEthernet  

    Slave Modbus/TCP with serial interface RS-485
    RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    WTQ Ethernet TCP/IP

    Ethernet TCP/IP with serial interface RS-485
    Slave accessible via web browser
    RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    WTQ Ethernet IP 2x


    2 x Ethernet TCP/IP with serial interface RS-485
    works as adapter in Ethernet/IP network
    RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    WTQ DeviceNet  

    Slave DeviceNet port with serial interface RS-485
    Baud rate: 125, 250, 500 kbit/s

    WTQ CANopen  

    Slave CANopen-Anschluss mit serieller Schnittstelle RS-485
    Baudrate: 10, 20, 25, 50, 100, 125, 250, 500, 800, 1000 kbit/s

    WTQ POWELINK 2x  WTQ_2xEthernet

    2 x Slave POWERLINK port with serial interface RS-485
    RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    WTQ CC-Link  

    Slave CC-link port with RS-485 serial interface
    Baud rate: 156, 625, 2.500, 5.000, 10.000 kbit/s

    WTQ EtherCat 2x WTQ_2xEthernet

    2 x slave EtherCAT port with serial interface RS-485
    RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)


    2 x Slave SERCOS III port with serial interface RS-485
    RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    WTQ 485WTQ analogWTQ Profibus
    WTQ-RS485 WTQ-indicator WTQ-Profibus
    GSD profibus Datei
    Serial interface RS -485

    Serial interface RS -485
    Analogue output, opto-decoupled selectable: 0-20mA / 4-20mA (max 300ohm) / 0-10V / ± 10V / ± 5V (min 10kohm)

    Serial interface RS -485
    Slave Profibus DP (max 126 units with repeater)

    WTQ ProfinetWTQ Profinet 2WTQ Ethernet
    PROFINET_rgb Transmitter mit ethernet_ip
    XML Profinet Datei

    XML Profinet - 2 Port - Datei
    EDS EthernetIP Konfigurationsdatei

    Serial interface RS -485
    Profinet IO; RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    Serial interface RS -485
    2 x Profinet IO; RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    Serial interface RS -485
    Ethernet/IP; RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    WTQ EtherCATWTQ ModbusWTQ CANopen
    Transmitter mit ethercat  Transmitter mit Modbus Schnittstelle Tranmitter mit canopen
    ESI EtherCAT Konfigurationsdatei
    WTQ-Modbus-TCP WTQ-CANopen
    EDS CANopen Konfigurationsdatei

    Serial interface RS -485
    Slave EtherCat port

    Serial interface RS -485
    Modbus/TCP; RJ45 10Base-T (10Mbps) or 100Base-TX (100Mbps)

    Serial interface RS -485
    Slave CANopen port, max 99 devices

    WTQ Ethernet POWERLINKWTQ CC-LinkWTQ Sercos
    Transmitter mit POWERLINK Transmitter mit cc-link Transmitter mit Sercos Schnittstelle
    WTQ-Modbus-TCP WTQ-CC-Link
    CSP CC-link Konfigurationsdatei

    Serial interface RS -485
    Slave POWERLINK port

    Serial interface RS -485
    Slave CC-link port, max 64 units

    Serial interface RS -485
    Slave SERCOS III port


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