Product information "DakkS Calibration Certificate"

In-house balance calibration of scales / precision balances and analytical balances in the calibration laboratory with DakkS approved weights.
With the DakkS calibration certificate, you receive confirmation of the accuracy of your test equipment, as required by ISO 9001 and other quality management systems.
The scales receive an accredited calibration which guarantees traceability and compliance with the DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

DAkkS calibration certificate: As a recognised calibration document, it confirms the accuracy of a scale. It ensures that all relevant measurement quantities, including measurement uncertainty and traceability, have been taken into account in the scale test. It is internationally valid.
DAkkS calibration can be carried out on any weighing instrument that is in perfect condition. DAkkS calibration is a private service supervised by the state to ensure high quality requirements, e.g. in production and research.

DakkS Initial and recalibration of scales in the factory

Analytical scales
Analytical scales, class I, [Max]  5 kg
Analytical scales, class I, [Max] > 5 kg 
 Precision scales > 500.000 d 
Precision scales, class II, [Max] ≤ 5 kg
Precision scales, class II [Max] > 5 kg - 50 kg
Precision scales, class II [Max] > 50 kg - 350 kg
Industrial scales
Scales, class II, [Max] ≤ 5 kg
Scales, class II, [Max] > 5 kg - 50 kg
Scales, class III-IV, [Max] > 50 kg - 350 kg
Scales, class III-IV, [Max] > 350 kg - 1500 kg
Scales, class III-IV, [Max] > 1500 kg - 2900 kg
Scales, class III-IV, [Max] > 2900 kg - 5000 kg
Product-group: Accessoire, Medical scale