Product information "Dog Scale VWS"

This animal scale is excellent for weighing of small animals such as cats or dogs in the veterinary medicine (Veterinarian, animal shelter).
2 platform sizes are available:

  • VWS 0505 with a 550 x 550 mm large platform
  • VWS 0509 with a 900 x 550 mm large platform (incl. rubber mat)

The low height facilitates the animals stepping on the scale. The weight is displayed on a bright backlit LCD display. Even with restless animals you always get exact and stable weighing results.
The display is connected via a 1,6 m coiled cable with the platform. For stationary use, the animal scale can be mounted to a wall with the mounting device, which is included in the scope of delivery. The scale is powered by mains operation as standard. For mobile use, the scale can be powered by batteries, which allows weighing at any place up to 60 hours.
Optional the evaluation unit can be equipped with an integrated wireless module for a wireless communication with the weighing platform. This is ideal for weighing contaminated material, weighing in noisy environments or physical segregation.
For the wireless version you have a "Touchless-Tare-Function". A wave is enough to trigger the tare function. This feature can be deactivated if it is not needed.


  • Perfect for small animals (cats, dogs)
  • Three weighing ranges: up to 60 | 150 | 300 kg with a readability of 20 | 50 | 100 g
  • Platform size: 550 x 550 mm
  • Large and sturdy stainless steel weighing plate, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Low height
  • Tare function
  • Animal weighing software for accurate weighing even of restless animals
  • Good readability through 25 mm large LCD digits
  • Secure and non-slip positioning with rubber feet
  • High mobility thanks to battery operation and compact design 
  • Power supply: mains operation (mains plug included) or battery operation (6 x 1,5 V mignon batteries) 
  • Own weight: 14 kg


  • Wireless
  • Dust cover over keyboard

Animal weighing function
The display have an integrated HOLD-function and ensures stable weighing results with restless animals. Once the animal is on the scale, a stable weight value is "frozen". After unloading the scale (0.0 kg), the HOLD function is automatically resetted. The HOLD function can be disabled in the user menu.

Scope of delivery

  • Animal scale with digital indicator
  • Wall mount for the indicator
  • Mains plug
  • Operating instructions

Price list

 Weighing range, MaxReadability, dPlatform size
Puppy scale VWS 0505-60 60 kg 20 g 550 x 550 x 58 mm
Puppy scale VWS 0505-150 150 kg 50 g
Puppy scale VWS 0505-300 300 kg 100 g
 Weighing range, MaxReadability, dPlatform size
Dog scale VWS 0509-150 150 kg 50 g 950 x 500 x 58 mm
incl. Rubber mat
Dog scale VWS 0509-300 300 kg 100 g
Replacement mat 0509 Non-slip rubber mat, BxT 900x550 mm


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