Product information "Horse scale PW 1500"

The horses scale PW 1500 is designed specifically for weighing horses. A special animal weighing software guarantees fast weighing even with restless animals.
The design allows a low step height and the rubber mat which absorbs impact sound faciliates the weighing of the animals.


  • Dimensions: L x W x H - 201 x 112 x 11cm
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Transport wheels on the front side of the platform
  • Precise determination of weight even with restless animals
  • Weighing capacity up to 1500 kg, division 1 kg
  • Total weight of the scale: 120 kg (incl. removable rubber mat = 20 kg)
  • Detachable, backlit 50mm LCD large display in stainless steel housing (IP65 ) with a special program for the weighing of living animals
  • Basic functions: zero, tare, accumulation function (number of weighings and total weight)
  • Operation: Battery 4 A/h (approx. 100 hours) power charger included
  • Extremely shock resistant load cells because of it's rubber feet with ball joints


The weighing platform of the Horse scale is made ​​of stainless steel with inlaid non-slip 8 mm - rubber flooring. A special software program is provided that works out a stable average weight, even when the animal is moving around (restless animals), and enables you to determine the exact weight. As with all BOSCHE scales, all the cables and load cells are laid in the frame and therefore protected against damage. 


The PW 1500 is a manoeuvrable horse scale that can be brought easily to the respective location. The horse can be weighed at almost any point, because the scale is battery operated. The integrated 4 Ah battery pack provides absolute mobility because of the posibility of up to 100 hours of network-free operation, it can also operate in network operation easily.

FAQ - Why weigh horses?

1. Worm treatments

Young horses and foals need to be dewormed particularly often. Due to the rapid growth, exact dosage is even more difficult here than with adult animals. Using a horse scale you can quickly determine the weight of the horse or foal and thus avoid overdosing.

2. Supplementary food

Not only the obligatory worming treatments are measured according to body weight, but also supplementary feed. The feed industry puts a lot of effort into calculating the required quantities of these substances. Type and amount of supplements. Nutritional feeds are determined according to the horse's weight and performance. (e.g.: 150 gr. / per 100 kg live weight). If too much additional feed is given, horses become fat and are predestined for joint and metabolic diseases. Changes in the psyche are also often noticeable in weight. Here, too, regular body weight checks with a horse scale can be very helpful.

3. Medication & Anesthetics

  • Correct dosage of medication: The correct dosage of medication is crucial for the health and well-being of the horse. An accurate weight of the horse is essential in order to adjust the medication dosage accordingly. Too much or too little medication can cause serious health problems.
  • Safety when administering anesthesia: During surgical procedures or diagnostic procedures that require anesthesia, an accurate weight is important to determine the correct amount of anesthesia. Precise dosage is crucial to ensure the horse's safety during anesthesia and minimize potential risks.
  • Monitoring of treatments and therapies: When treating illness or injury, accurate weight is important to monitor the progress of therapy. Changes in weight may indicate whether the horse is responding to treatment or whether adjustments need to be made.
  • Accurate Diagnosis and Assessment: Veterinarians use weight as a reference point for assessing a horse's health. An accurate weight can provide important information that helps diagnose and evaluate various health problems.
  • Compliance with regulations and guidelines: In some cases, certain medical regulations or treatment protocols may require specific weight information. It is important to follow these guidelines to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment and minimize potential risks.

4. Insurance coverage

Especially with the permissible total weight of horse trailers, it can be borderline. The registered empty weight of the trailer (e.g. 600 kg - 850 kg) in the documents is in the "naked" version. Condition. There are also rubber mats, partitions, poles and other accessories. Many warm-blooded animals with a stick size. from 1.65 m and more weigh over 650 kg. The trailer load or the permissible total weight of 2000 kg is quickly exceeded! The operating license is therefore no longer valid and in the event of an accident the insurance coverage expires.

5. Can the horse scales also be used for other farm animals?

  • Although specifically developed for horses, the horse scale can also be used for other farm animals weighing up to 1000 kg. This makes them a versatile solution for agricultural businesses.
  • However, there are some important considerations and differences that may come into play depending on the animal species (weight range, platform size, weighing technology, etc.) . 

6. What advantages does the illuminated large LCD display in the stainless steel housing offer?

  • The 50 mm large LCD display is not only easy to read, but also illuminated, allowing for clear display in all lighting conditions. The stainless steel housing (IP65) protects the display from external influences.

7. How stable is the construction of the horse scale?

  • The sturdy construction is made of stainless steel and is designed to weigh animals up to 1,500 kg. The shock-protected load cells with ball joints contribute to robustness and ensure precise measurements under various conditions.
Product-group: Animal scale, Medical scale
Requirements | Area of application: Agriculture, Medicine