Product information "Load Block LSW"

The mobile load corner LSW (Loadblock) is a mobile weighing system for weighing heavy parts such as machinery or containers at various locations. But it is also excellently suited for testing compressive forces on presses. When used as a corner force measuring device, calculating the center of gravity of a load and a separate evaluation of individual modules is also possible. The very small and light load corners are highly mobile and can also be used individually for force measurements. Due to their extremely flat design, the weighed parts only need to be slightly lifted. Various modules up to 40 tons are available.
Optionally, the individual modules can be equipped with Bluetooth or WLAN. This way, the weight can be transmitted to and evaluated at a central location. A suitable software visualizes these as individual weights or displays a total weight.

Features of the Load Corner

  • Mobile weighing system with data storage on USB
  • Weighing range up to 40,000 kg per weighing module
  • Load pin ø 67 mm (optional 120 mm) 
  • Very flat design
  • Flat robust construction
  • Flexible application
  • Backlit 30 mm LCD display with 5 digits
  • Weight display on the device
  • User-friendly operation
  • Overload-safe
  • Low weight: from 6.3 kg per weighing module
  • As a service, rental is possible
  • Power supply: Li-ion rod batteries (runtime: 36 hours / 20 hours with backlight / 6 hours with Bluetooth or W-LAN)
  • Included: Sturdy transport case with two snap locks and a carrier handle

Optional accessories

  • Commercially available 4 x 1.5 V AA mignon cells can be used
  • Autarkic power supply with Makita battery
  • Bluetooth or W-LAN module


  • Machine scale - Weighing of machinery, silos, transformers, aggregates, etc.
  • Container scale - Determination of container weight
  • Determination of center of gravity of machinery and equipment
  • Corner force measurement
  • Modular weighing system

Power supply

The machine scales are powered by a Li-ion rod battery as standard, which enables power-independent weighing (running time: approx. 36 hours / 20 hours with backlight / 6 hours with Bluetooth or WiFi).

Optionally, batteries (4 x 1.5 V AA Mignon cells, running time: approx. 24 hours / 12 hours with backlight) or a Makita battery can be ordered (running time: 170 hours / 95 hours with backlight / 16 hours with Bluetooth or W-LAN).

The adjustable automatic switch-off saves electricity and protects the battery.


The load corner is equipped with a high-quality strain gauge load cell, measuring electronics, display, and control buttons.
The load module consists of a robust aluminum housing. For precise weighing and optimal load introduction, a high-quality load cell with a load button is used. Operation is carried out via a moisture-protected keyboard with 4 function keys. The 30 mm large display with 4 high-contrast digits is easily readable even from a greater distance.

Weighing range: Standard 2, 5, 10, 20, or 40 tons per load module.

Special scales with a weighing range of up to 100 tons are available on request.

Installation / Weighing Process:

  1. Place weighing modules under load corners
  2. Place load (container, etc.) on the load corners
  3. Read weight, save if necessary, done

Center of Gravity Determination: An optional software can be used to calculate the center of gravity.

Interfaces - Communication

Internal memory + USB - All captured weights can be stored in the device with date and time. Subsequently, the values can be conveniently saved to a USB stick via USB connection (master/slave) and evaluated on a PC using MS-Excel. This tool is an excellent control option and provides an overview.

Drawing 2 - 10t Module


Drawing 20 - 40t Module


Price List

Module Weighing Range, Max. Readability, d
LSW 02 2,000 kg 0.5 kg
LSW 05 5,000 kg 1 kg
LSW 10 10,000 kg 2 kg
LSW 20 20,000 kg 5 kg
LSW 40 40,000 kg 10 kg
LSW X Custom Module (up to 100t)  
Rental Rental of load corners  
On-Site Weighing Weighing of objects on-site (heavy load weighing, center of gravity determination)  
Product-group: Weighing module
Requirements | Area of application: Industry, Logistics and shipping, Agriculture

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