Product information "Loadpins L-series"

The L20s are customer-specific, custom-made load pins. This means that existing load pins can be replaced without technical modification. 
They are used for measuring static and dynamic tensile forces and compressive loads. Depending on the application, different diameters and lengths are designed and produced.
The loadpins can optionally be made from alloyed steel or stainless steel and are characterised by high accuracy and linearity. The force is measured by means of a strain gauge which is applied to the bolt, which provides a measuring signal proportional to the force. The measuring element of the measuring pin can be laser-welded (IP 66) or encapsulated (IP 65). 
Calibrated in Newtons, they can also be used to measure the force as a loadpin / load measuring axis.
The measuring pins provide very precise and reproducible results even in long-term use in harsh industrial environments. 

Area of application

Load monitoring systems for cranes, winches and hoists, overload safety devices, load lifting devices, load bearing systems, cable winches, deflection pulleys, chain conveyor belts in the automotive industry, roller force measurement in rolling mills, calenders, coaters, presses. 


  • Material: Alloyed steel or stainless steel
  • Nominal load / nominal force range: Customised
  • Hermetically encapsulated - laser-welded or potted
  • Particularly robust for long-term use in industrial applications
  • Space-saving mounting allows direct integration into the flux of force
  • Dimensioning and drawing in 3D CAD for approval before production
  • Optional redundancy with double signal output 


During mounting, an existing pin can be replaced by a loadpin. Care must be taken to ensure that the guiding of the loadpin is almost free of play.
It is important that all forces to be measured are applied vertically into the loadpins.


Display example Description Output signal

Axial cable guide
Version with cable

Standard: mv/V

Voltage output: 0-10V
Current output: 4-20mA


Axial cable routing
Version with external plug


Axial cable routing
Version with internal connector


Radial cable guide
Version with cable


Radial cable guide
Version with plug


Radial cable routing
Redundant version with cable


Radial cable routing
Redundant version with connector

Product-group: Load cell