Product information "Remote Display RD195 Outdoor"

In areas where good legibility at a distance is essential, the new RD 195 remote and large-scale display by BOSCHE is in its element. It’s ideal for instance as a truck scale or for use as a secondary display in industry. Bright Osram LEDs with a 95 mm digit height ensure that measurement results are depicted clearly The digit width is 55 mm and each segment has 56 LEDs. In addition, a brightness sensor automatically adjusts them to the light conditions. The robust housing made of powder-coated aluminium with waterproof, screwable plugs complies with the IP65 protection class and is therefore suitable for outdoor use. The RD 195 is controlled via an RS232 or RS485 interface with a data transfer rate of 2400~9600 bps. Optionally, the large display can also be equipped with an ethernet connection. The communications log is customisable and therefore compatible with a large number of devices. The low mounting depth of 50 mm and variable hanging using wall hooks are very convenient for installation purposes. A special hood can be optionally ordered as well as a protection against sun and rain.


  • Large 6-digit display with ultrabright OSRAM LED‘s
  • Long Life OSRAM LED‘s with wide viewing angle
  • Digit Height: 95 mm • Digit width 55 mm (Each segment has 56 LEDs)
  • Four status indicators: Gross / Net / Unstable / Stable
  • Built in lights: Red / Green
  • Brightness Sensor: Automatically adjusts the display to the light conditions
  • Robust housing made of powder coated aluminium
  • Suitable for outdoor use (IP65 protection class), waterproof plugs
  • Flat construction with 50 mm depth
  • Controlled via an RS232 or RS485-interface
  • Data transfer rate: 2400~9600 bps
  • Data plug: M12, 7 pin, attached directly to the display housing
  • Adaptable communication protocol
  • Variable Hanging using wall hooks, convenient for installation purposes
  • Operating temperature -10°C bis +40°C
  • Power supply: 110-240VAC 50/60HZ or optional 9V-36VDC
  • Dimensions: (B x H x T) 745 x 160 x 50 mm
  • Weight: 6,5 kg

Price list 

Type Description Price, €
excl. VAT.
RD 195 Large display with 95 mm digits 590,-
9V-36VDC  Internal power supply unit for voltage supply: 9V-36VDC  45,-
Schutzdach Aperture as additional protective roof against sun and rain. on request
Ethernet .Ethernet to WLAN, Ethernet to Ethernet on request


rd195_grau_bemasst Assembly

Fernanzeige für Waage Wandmontage                                           Fernanzeige für Waage mit Sonnenschutz

Wall assembly                                                           Wall mounting with sunshade

Product-group: Weighing indicator


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