Product information "Scale software Visioscale"

The VisioScale software is the scale control center for the PC. It is Windows compatible and, among other things, evaluates the data from up to four connected scales or weighing points. The clear display helps to quickly record values and identify deviations. The weight value of each individual platform and the total of all platforms can be displayed. This helps, for example, when evaluating shifts in the center of gravity of the weighed load. The weight distribution on the individual weighing platforms is also visualized accordingly.

PDF Quick guide to VisioScale

Features of the software

  • VisioScale is used for visualization and parameterization of BOSCHE weighing electronics
  • A BOSCHE weighing electronics with four channels can be processed
  • Includes logging function

Additional functions are integrated:

  • The interface can be used to define which ports (e.g. COM) are used at which speeds (baud)
  • The logging function allows interval measurement with a time stamp. The time intervals between measurements can be set individually from 500 ms to 99 hours
  • When using the counting function, the values for the resolution when determining the piece weight can be set
  • With the “Print” button, the measurement results can be output to a printer
  • Scales with a traffic light function can be adjusted using the integrated test tool (e.g. the brightness of the traffic light colors)
  • With the appropriate know-how, you can use “Calibration” carry out a calibration of the connected scale(s)
  • The user's entries and the scale's responses are recorded in a separate window
  • In the event of service, the technician can read out the set parameters via VisioScale


  • RS232 or USB via virtual ComPort

Compatible with:

  • DBB-11, DBB-14, DBB-44, DBU
Product-group: Software