Product information "Stainless steel weight basket 500kg"

Stainless steel weight basket


- 50 kg weight basket OIML class M1
- 9 x 50 kg block weights (option 1)
- Total weight = 500 kg

- 60 kg weight basket OIML class M1
- 22 x 20 kg block weights (option 2)
- Total weight = 500 kg

Scope of delivery:

- Stainless steel weight basket class OIML M1 (own weight 50 kg or 60 kg).

What do you need a weight basket for?

Weight baskets are used to store block weights. A great advantage of weight baskets is the range of applications. Platform scales or other large floor scales can be calibrated or verified with weight baskets over the entire weighing range. By adding or removing weights, scales between 50 and 500 kilograms can be calibrated with the M1 stainless steel weight basket. Depending on the denomination, the steps are carried out in 9 x 50 kilograms or 22 x 20 kilograms.
Several baskets can be used together to increase the total load and also calibrate or calibrate heavy-duty scales up to several tonnes.


Accuracy class according to OIML R111.

The weight baskets are adjusted and approved according to DIN 8127.

All models of weight baskets can be individually equipped.

Multi-point calibration also possible on heavier scales.

!!! Weights are not included in the delivery !!!

Material: Stainless Steel