Product information "Stand scale K-MPE"

The verifiable personal scale K-MPE is the premium model in the medical column scales and is suitable for professional use in hospitals and medical practices. The column scale has a built-in stand and is often referred as a stand scale. The extra-large weighing range of 250 kg has an accuracy of 100 g. With one touch, the weight can be displayed accurately for about 5 seconds, even at 10 g (not legal for trade).


The indicator has an optional 1 meter high stand. This column scale is available with additional integrated length measuring rod (range 97-200 cm) for quick height measurement. 
The ergonomic indicator has large buttons and a high-contrast LCD display for easy entry and reading of patient data, such as the size for the calculation of BMI.

The large platform with non-slip plastic surface ensures optimal safety, especially in elderly patients. The dynamic function allows accurate and stable weight values ​​even with restless patients. The Data Hold function causes the "freeze" of the stable weight value for 10 seconds, so you can read the weight at rest. The mother-child function allows to tare the mother's weight,which is weighed together with the child, where only the child's weight is displayed.

The scale is powered by a rechargeable battery with which can be weighed up to 100 hours.

Legal for trade- Medical approval

The stand scale K-MPE is legal for trade according to the international OIML verification class III and comply with the Medical Device Directive, and EC Directive 93/42/EEC. The scale can be delivered legal for trade.
For applications that require verification, please order verification at the same time. Verification at a later date is not possible!


  • Legal for trade column scale with a capacity up to 250 kg
  • Mediical approval according to 93/42/EEC
  • Large platform with non-slip and abrasion-resistant plastic surface
  • Ergonomically optimized design, easy and hygienic to clean
  • Robust construction for daily, professional use
  • Secure and non-slip positioning with height adjustable rubber feet
  • Spirit level to level the scale precisely
  • Ergonomic indicator with simple and comfortable 4-key operation
  • Dynamic weighing function, ideal for restless patients
  • Data-hold function: when the scale is stable, the weight display is automatically "frozen" until the REPEAT button is pressed
  • BMI function to determine normal weight / overweight
  • Large, easy to read LCD display with digit height 25 mm
  • Dimensions of weighing plate (W x D x H) 365 mm x 360 mm x 80 mm
  • Dimensions fully assembled (WxDxH): 365 mm x 450 mm x 1020 mm
  • Power Supply: Mains operation 230 V (battery optional)
  • Net weight 12 kg
  • Stand as standard
  • Optional: In the stand integrated telescopic height rod => K-MPE-H
  • Optional: Battery powered for 50 EUR (operating time with battery about 40 hours, charging time approx 12 hours)
  • Optional: Data interface RS 232 for 46 EUR

Please read the information for the verification of medical scales

The validity of verification in a hospital is generally four years, in a doctor's office or a nursing home, the verification of this scale is open-ended.

Product-group: Medical scale
Requirements | Area of application: Medicine


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