Product information "Weighing cross WK"

Weighing modules for tables

With the weighing modules from BOSCHE, weighing applications can be implemented precisely and inexpensively. The weighing modules consist of a single point load cell and an aluminium die-cast scale cross. The weighing modules are suitable for table and platform scales up to a maximum platform size of 240 x 300 mm.

What is the nominal load of the weighing modules?

BOSCHE weighing modules are available in three nominal loads:
Weighing module up to 6 kg
Weighing modules up to 15 kg
Weighing modules up to 30 kg
Depending on the application, the weighing range should be selected. For a high-resolution bench scale we recommend the weighing modules with the BOSCHE load cell H10A up to 6 kg. (The specification takes into account the dead weight of the weighing platform and any attachments with 2 kg). 

Application areas of weighing modules

Weighing modules are used wherever load cells cannot be installed directly due to the design. One of the largest areas of application for weighing modules are silo scales and hopper scales.


  • High weighing accuracy at an extremely favourable price
  • Weighing range 6kg / 15kg / 30kg
  • Max. Platform size: 240 x 300 mm
  • Unit dimensions 235 x 161 x 58 mm
  • Robust and overload-proof due to mechanical overload protection
  • 40 cm cable length (length can be extended via connection cable and extension box)
  • Cable assignment:

EXC+ - blue
EXC- - black
SIG+ - white
SIG- - red
Shield - yellow

The single-point scale Wk consists of an upper and lower weighing cross and the single-point load cell H10A.

Product-group: Weighing module, Weighing platform

Accessory Items

Connection cable
4-wire connection cable
for scales
Weighing terminal MWI / GTW
Professional weighing terminal
Legal for trade
Block box EK
Terminal box for
extending load cell cables
Weight Transmitter WTS
Weighing transducer
with analog output

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