Product information "Weighing platform CP"

The robust weighing platform CP is equipped with state-of-the-art weighing sensor technology and impresses users with its innovative, round design.

Features of the weighing platform

  • Stainless steel platform
  • Dimensions: Ø 232 mm 
  • Capacity: 3kg / 6kg / 15kg
  • High precision measurement technology
  • Robust and overload-proof


The weighing plate is made of stainless steel, with a robust substructure. The force is applied directly to a high-quality DMS load cell. 

Platform size: Ø 232 mm. 
Capacity: 3 kg | 6 kg | 15 kg. 



The four rubber feet ensure that the platform scales are stable and secure.
Adjustable load feet and a spirit level help the user to align the scales.

Weighing technology - calibratability

The platforms are equipped with a precise, high-quality strain gauge load cell. This load cell complies with the requirements of the OIML standard.
Optionally, the weighing platform can be equipped with an A/D converter and connected directly to a PC via USB. In this way, the platform can be operated as "USB scales" directly via the relevant software.

Cable length: 35 cm

Cable assignment:
EXC + / Blue
EXC - / Black
Signal + / White
Signal - / Red
GND / Yellow

Price list

Type Weighing range, Max Possible division, d Platform size
Weighing platform
3 kg 0,1 g Ø 232 mm 
Weighing platform
6 kg 0,2 g Ø 232 mm 
Weighing platform
15 kg 0,5 g Ø 232 mm 
Product-group: Weighing platform


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