Product information "Hopper scale for stainless steel tanks"

The weighing modules V70N-MA made of stainless steel are ideal for weighing tank or silos with liquids, powders, solids and gas in the food and pharmaceutical industries. The use of weighing modules for weighing of silos and tanks is common practice and a very economical method with excellent measurement precision.
The weighing module provides a consistent, compact and cost effective solution over a very wide capacity range from 500 kg to 30 tons.
Mounting Kits For Weighing High Capacity Tanks And Silos. The hopper scale consists of weighing modules, which are mounted under the feet of the tank and a weight indicator, such as the CSW


  • Weighing modules for tanks and silos
  • Rated load: 500 kg-30.000 kg per foot
  • Material: Stainless steel construction
  • Extra sturdy design for continuous use in the industrial sector
  • Robust and overload protection for long life
  • Matching mounting modules for various types of containers
  • Central released oscillating force application
  • Lift-off: Extremely insensitive to lateral forces and lift-off moments

Certification according to DIN EN 1090

Since July 01, 2014, all carrying components made of steel or aluminum have to go through the attestation of conformity according to DIN EN 1090. Silo scales are carrying the complete silo load and therefore must be certified according to DIN EN 1090. The BOSCHE production process and quality control for silo scales is established to produce according to DIN EN 1090 and to issue CE declarations for these. This CE declaration is required to sell products according to DIN EN 1090 throughout Europe.


The disk-shaped compression load cell made of stainless steel with bottom and top plate, anti-derail device and lateral and momentfree force transmission ensures accurate weighing. The electro-polished stainless steel construction in its hygienic design is ideal for environments with high standards of cleanliness and hygiene.
Due to the central - free to float - force introduction this Pancake Load Cell is largely insensitive to eccentric or lateral load.
The Pancake load cells are fixed at the ends by bolts on a stable base. Another advantage is the low profile and the anti-derail device.

Are of application

Tank or silo systems with liquids, powders, solids and gas in the food and pharmaceutical industries.
Weighing of containers, storage tanks and silos in the chemical industry, waste and recycling companies.






Product-group: Agricultural scale
Requirements | Area of application: Agriculture


Weighing terminal PMW
Multi-function weighing indicators
for panel mounting
Weighing controller CSW
Weighing terminal
for filling and dispensing apps
Indicator CSS
Indicators in robust aluminum housing
ideal for silo scales