Product information "Indicator CSS"

The CSS is a robust, compact indicator, which is suitable for simple weighing applications. Combined with the right weighing platform, this indicator cover an enormously wide weighing range. The flexibility allows us to respond with only one device to almost all customer requirements.

Made in Germany.


  • Illuminated 30 mm LCD Display with 4 digits
  • Basic Functions: Tare, Zero, Gross / Net
  • HIGH-LOW-GO function
  • Time and Date
  • 1,000,000 internal increments
  • Extremely simple, user-friendly operation
  • Robust durable cast aluminum housing, protection class IP54
  • Digital calibration and set-up through keyboard or PC
  • Optional RS232 interface
  • Dimensions: 220 x 155 x 95 mm

The indicator is housed in a rugged die-cast aluminum housing with IP54.
Operation is via a moisture proof keypad with 4 function keys. The large short-travel keyswitches have a noticeable pressure point and give a safety when operating. The 30mm large display with 4 contrast digits and status symbols is very readable even from a distance. In low light conditions, an LED backlight ensures easy reading. The backlight can be adjusted via a menu. The housing is secured using a VESA 75 bracket and is supplied with a table top / wall mount as standard. A stand is available as an optional extra.


Operation of the device via the membrane keypad is intuitive and easy to learn – even for untrained staff. A tare weight can be entered using the numeric keypad (limit values for check weighing / reference quantity – piece weight). You calibrate the device and set up the functions using the keypad or the user-friendly, proprietary Windows software. Digital calibration without weights, by entering only the weighing capacity and the rated output of the load cell (mV/V), is also possible.


The weighing terminal comes standard with several functions:
HIGH-LOW OK function, a weight-limit control (two freely selectable weight values​​, beep and display)
Animal weighing function - A special program, which forms a stable mean value at moving loads (restless animals), and makes a precise weight determination possible.
Zero - tare - tare manual, auto tare, gross / net
Summing / adding weights - up to 9,999 weighings.
Peak / Hold - function.

Interfaces - Communication

RS232 or RS485 - Optionally, the weighing terminal has a serial interface, which allows a bidirectional connection to the scanner / barcode reader, printer, PC or remote display. This allows you to print a customer-specific, verifiable document that contains the Alibi number, date and time.The optional data memory - all recorded weights can be stored with date and time.The values ​​can conveniently be transferred via optional USB port (master / slave) to a stick and analyzed and archived with the supplied software on a Windows PC .

These can make quality control easier and clearer.

Power supply

The display is powered by a wall power supply (240V/50-60Hz) as standard.
The adjustable, automatic switch-off feature saves power.


We deliver the device fully calibrated and pre-wired with our load cells upon request. Your scales therefore arrive ready for immediate use.

Technical data


EC type approval   -
Accuracy class according to EN 45501 and OIML R 76   -
Maximum number of division values (nind)   10.000
Fraction of the maximum permissible error (p1)   0,5
Supply voltage (Uexc) Vdc 5
Minimum measuring signal per scale interval (ΔUmin)  μV 0,2
Lower limit of the load resistance (RLmin) Ω 87,5
Number of load cells (N)  

up to 4 load cells á 350 Ohm
or 8 load cells á 700 Ohm

Maximum weighing range (Max)   

from 1 kg to 9 999 kg

Analogue-digital conversion  Hz 100
Measurement rate   

50 measurements per second


85% RH max., non-condensing

Nominal temperature range (BT)
Service temperature range (Btu)

°C  - 10 ... + 40
- 30 ... + 70
 Display   -
 Status symbols   -
 Keyboard   -
 Measuring range   -
 Resolution   -
 Mains connection   240V/50-60Hz

Die-cast aluminium housing, protection class IP 54

 Cable length   -
 Printer port   -
Interfaces   -
Product-group: Weighing indicator