Product information "Weighing Indicator MCI"

Counting scale display

The MCI / GTC is a powerful counting display that is suitable for complex counting applications. The display on 3 LCD displays allows the operator to see all important data at a glance. The weight and the number of pieces (counting results) can be added in the memory. Quantity control and weight control / limit values ​​(a signal tone sounds when a selectable number of pieces or a weight is exceeded). This high level of flexibility enables us to respond to almost all customer requests with one device. Up to 2 weighing platforms can be connected. This allows a counting system to be created with two platforms as reference scales and quantity scales.

Rely on BOSCHE qualityMade in Germany.

Features of the counting display

  • Counting displays MCI (calibratable)  and GTC (not calibrated)
  • MCI display calibrated to accuracy class III and IIII
  • Three illuminated displays - weight (calibratable), piece weight and piece count
  • Pressure point keyboard with numeric Keyboard for entering piece weights, tare weights and target piece numbers
  • Robust housing made of aluminum (MCI-T / GTC-T) or stainless steel (MCI-N / GTC-N)
  • Variable reference piece number with reference optimization for even more precise counting
  • Acoustic signal when a target piece number is reached or exceeded
  • Internal alibi memory with time and date
  • High internal division 1,000,000
  • Very simple, user-friendly Operation
  • Can be mounted as a tripod or table device
  • Optional: RS 232 for connection to a PC or printer
  • Optional: WLAN or Ethernet, internal battery

Device variants

Can be calibratedm_002 Housing Display
MCI-T m_002 Aluminum housing
IP 65
Scales display MWI for counting scales
MCI-N m_002 Stainless steel housing
IP 65
Counting scale in stainless steel housing - INOX
Not Calibrable Housing Display
GTC-T Aluminum housing
IP 65
Control display MSI-T Static checkweigher display
GTC-N Stainless steel housing
IP 65
Counting scale in stainless steel housing - INOX
Traffic light
Internal integrated signal traffic light Optional integrated traffic light


Weighing technology - Verifiability for MCI models

The EWI weighing terminals are verifiable according to OIML verification classes III and IIII. The weighing function is approved for up to 10,000 parts according to OIML R76.
Maximum weighing range from 1 kg to 999,950 kg
Verification value: e = Max / n
Max. Number of calibration values: n = 10,000 for single range and multi-range 3x3000e (depending on ambient conditions and the composition of the modules).
A 24-bit A/D converter with 4 channels and max. 200 conversions/sec is used.
The integrated alibi memory (max. 18,000 weighings) enables calibrated transfer of the weight (with date and time) to a printer or PC




There are 2 device variants available:
MCI-T - the weight display is in a robust aluminum housing
MCI-N - the weight display is in a robust stainless steel housing

Operation is via a moisture-proof keyboard with 22 numeric and function keys. The large keys have a noticeable pressure point and therefore provide safety when operating.
On the three-part 60 mm display, the number of pieces - weight of pieces - weight value with high-contrast digits are very easy to read even from a greater distance.
In unfavorable lighting conditions, LED backlighting ensures good readability. The backlighting can be controlled via a menu. adjustable.
The housing is attached via VESA 75 and has a table / wall mount as standard. A tripod is optionally available.


The intuitive operation takes place via the comfortable membrane keyboard and enables easy operation even for inexperienced personnel.
The reference number - numeric keypad - can be entered using the Piece weight possible. Setting limit values ​​is therefore very user-friendly even for control weighing.
Calibration and function setting is easy using the keyboard.


The display has several functions as standard:
HIGH-OK-LOW function which controls weight limit values ​​(two freely selectable weight values, signal tone and display)
Zero - tare functions - manual taring, auto-tare, gross / net
Piece counting - The high internal resolution (1:1,000,000 parts) ensures precise determination of the piece weight.
Automatic reference weight update - the counting display can continuously recalculate the piece weight so that no counting errors occur.
Summation / addition of piece numbers of up to 9,999 weighings.

Interfaces - communication

The weighing terminal has a serial RS-232 interface as standard, which enables a bidirectional connection to the scanner, printer, PC or secondary display. This means that a customer-specific, verifiable receipt can be printed with an alibi number, date and time. One of our signal lights (traffic lights) can also be controlled via this interface. These can visually facilitate quality control.
An optional, additional scale interface enables the connection of a second weighing platform. This makes it easy to put together a counting system that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Piece counting control

Counting by weighing with a target number of pieces and tolerance control


When the number of pieces is preset (check weighing), the values ​​for an upper and lower limit are set.
The signal light visually supports the results. of the weighing.
yellow= too little
green= OK within the limit
red= too much

If the lower limit is not reached, an orange light appears.
Green light signals that the target value has been reached.
If the light is red, the set value has been exceeded and parts must be removed until the green light appears. appears.



Product-group: Weighing indicator

Accessory Items


Fuß Stahl, pulverbeschichtet, schwarz

Aufstellmaße: 48 x 44 cm, Höhe ca. 85 cm

Erhältlich in 2 Ausführungen:

  • Stativrohr Aluminium: Aufnahme GTW, GTC, GTE, MWI, EWI, MCI usw.
  • Stativrohr Edelstahl, Aufnahme BWI, TWI
Data interface RS-232

RS-232 data interface integrated in the scale electronics. For serial data transmission of measurement data to printers, PCs and much more.

  • incl. 3 m standard cable length (optional 5 m)
  • M12 to RS-232 data cable