Product information "Weighing module B10-MZ"

The B10-MZ load cell installation module was developed as a pulling device especially for pulling applications of the B10N and B10 S bending beam load cells. The upper and lower attachments are connected to the load cell via mounting screws and are designed in such a way that a symmetrical force introduction is guaranteed for optimal load introduction. The weighing module is made of stainless or alloyed steel.

Areas of application

Suspended container and dosing systems, dosing and bagging scales, overhead conveyor scales, weighing of small tanks and floor scales, conversion of mechanical hybrid and digital scales.


  • Material: stainless steel or alloyed steel
  • Nominal load: 5 kg - 500 kg
  • Particularly robust for tough continuous use in the industrial sector
  • Easy to install
  • Self-centering thanks to ball head force introduction




Type Nominal load, Emax Material
Load module incl. load cell
up to 500 kg Stainless steel
Load module incl. load cell
up to 500 kg Alloyed steel
Product-group: Weighing module

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