Product information "Weighing module D10-MA"

The D10-MA is a complete static truck weighing module for the construction of silo, tank and container scales. The specially developed heavy-duty module offers an ideal solution for applying force to containers. lter and tank scales. Due to the central, freely oscillating introduction of force, this load cell is largely insensitive to eccentric or lateral loads. A significant advantage of the compact load cell is the high level of lateral and lift-off security. The double shear bars are fixed at the ends by bolts to a stable base plate. Another advantage is the low overall height and the integrated lift-off protection.

Areas of application

Weighing of containers, storage tanks and silos in the chemical industry, waste and recycling companies.

Characteristics of static load weighing module

  • Material: stainless steel or steel
  • Nominal load: 4536 kg - 34,091 kg
  • Central, freely oscillating introduction of force
  • Integrated lift-off protection: Extremely insensitive to lateral forces and lift-off moments
  • Particularly robust for tough, continuous use in industrial areas
  • Compatible with other manufacturers



Last H H1 H2 L L1 L2 L4 B B1 D D1
10-25 168 19 19 254 203 190.5 152 203 152 20 20
40 198 19 25.4 355.6 203 292.1 152 254 190.5 28.5 20
50-75 241.3 25.4 25.4 355.6 228.6 292.1 165 254 190.5 28.5 28.5



Type Nominal load, Emax Material Price €
plus. VAT
Load module incl. load cell
up to 25 klb / 11,363 kg alloy steel 450,-
Load module incl. load cell
up to 40 klb / 18,182 kg alloy steel 650,-
Load module incl. load cell
up to 75 klb / 34,091 kg alloy steel 1200,-
Type Nominal load, Emax Material Price €
plus. VAT
Load module incl. load cell
up to 25 klb / 11,363 kg Stainless steel 1600,-
Load module incl. load cell
up to 40 klb / 18,182 kg Stainless steel 2000,-
Load module incl. load cell
up to 75 klb / 34,091 kg Stainless steel 2400,-
Product-group: Weighing module

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