Product information "Weighing terminal MWI / GTW"

The MWI is a high-performance multifunction weighing indicator that is suitable for complex weighing applications. The large, high-contrast 60 mm LCD display ensures good readability. Up to 4 weighing platforms can be connected. Combined with the right load cells, this powerful weighing terminal can accommodate an extremely broad weight range. Various network options and the alibi memory enable operators to meet the documentation requirements of directives and the applicable laws. This flexibility enables the fulfilment of almost every customer requirement.

You can rely on BOSCHE quality -  made in Germany.

Features of the weighing terminal

  • Accuracy class III and IIII
  • Up to 10,000e or multiple range 3 x 3,000e @ 0.2 µV/d in calibrated CE-M version for legal metrology
  • Large 60 mm illuminated LCD display with 50 mm digits
  • Basic functions: Tare, zero, gross/net
  • Special program for animal weighing
  • Memory for number of weighing operations and the resulting total weight 
  • Internal alibi memory with date and time
  • 1,000,000 internal increments
  • Extremely simple, user-friendly operation
  • Can be mounted on a stand or as table-top device 
  • Internal battery with up to 15 hours of operation (optional)
  • RS-232 interface as standard (2nd interface possible as an option)
  • Printable images configurable
  • Connection to PC and printer possible
  • Ideally suited for all platform and hopper scales
  • Dimensions: 240 x 170 x 50 mm
  • Optional: WLAN or Ethernet

Device variants

Calibratable m_002 Housing Display
MWI-T m_002

Aluminium housing
IP 65

MWI-N m_002

Stainless steel housing
IP 65

Non calibratable Housing Display
GTW-T Aluminium housing
IP 65
Waagenanzeige GTW-T aus Aluminium
GTW-N Stainless steel housing
IP 65
500 g
Traffic light Internal integrated signal lightOptionale integrierte Ampel

Weighing technology - calibratability for MWI models

The MWI weighing terminals can be calibrated in compliance with OIML verification class III and IIII. The weighing function is approved for up to 10,000 increments in compliance with OIML R76.
Maximum weighing range from 1 kg to 999,950 kg
Calibration value: e = Max. / n
Max. number of calibration values: n = 10,000 for single range and multiple range (however, this depends on ambient conditions and the composition of the modules).
A 24-bit A/D converter with 4 channels and up to 200 conversions/second is used.
The integrated alibi memory (max. 18,000 weighing operations) allows the calibrated transmission of the weight (with date and time) to a printer or PC.

Areas of application:

Systems engineering, chemical industry, food industry, logistics, metalworking industry


Functions of the weighing terminal

  • Adjustable automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross / net weighing
  • Tare functions - tare at the touch of a button or tare pre-input with the tare weight via the keypad
  • Check-weighing HIGH-OK-LOW
  • Animal weighing function - Special program for live animal weighing
  • Totalling / addition of weights - addition memory for up to 9,999 weighing operations with sequential numbering
  • Percentage weighing
  • Plus/minus weighing - setting of a target weight and tolerance values for set value monitoring. Classification using a traffic lights function is also possible.
  • Automatic shutdown - shutdown after use with adjustable time
  • Adjustable background lighting
  • Real time clock: time and date - battery-backed
  • Easy calibration and configuration via keypad or interface with company-specific Windows software
  • Alibi memory
  • Protection of metrological parameters via internal calibration counter



There are 2 device variants available:
MWI-T / GTW-T - the scale display is housed in a robust aluminium housing with protection class IP 65.
MWI-N / GTW-N - the scale display is housed in a robust stainless steel housing with protection class IP 65.
Operation is via a moisture-protected keyboard with 22 numeric and function keys. The large keys have a perceptible pressure point and thus ensure safe operation.
On the three-part 60 mm display, the weight value with high-contrast digits is very easy to read even from a distance.
In unfavourable lighting conditions, LED backlighting ensures good readability. The backlighting can be adjusted via a menu.
The housing is mounted via VESA 75 and has a table / wall mount as standard. A stand is optionally available.


Operation of the device via the membrane keypad is intuitive and easy to learn – even for untrained staff.
The numeric keypad is used to enter tare weight and limit values.
Calibration and function setting is easy via the keypad.


The weighing terminal comes with a serial RS-232 interface as standard, which permits bidirectional connection to a scanner/barcode reader, printer, PC or second display. This allows you to print a customer-specific, calibratable document that contains the Alibi number, date and time. One of our signal lamps (traffic lights) can also be controlled via this interface. These can make quality control easier from a visual perspective.


We deliver the device fully calibrated and pre-wired with our load cells upon request. Your scales therefore arrive ready for immediate use.

Product-group: Weighing indicator
Case: Aluminium housing IP 65

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Accessory Items


Fuß Stahl, pulverbeschichtet, schwarz

Aufstellmaße: 48 x 44 cm, Höhe ca. 85 cm

Erhältlich in 2 Ausführungen:

  • Stativrohr Aluminium: Aufnahme GTW, GTC, GTE, MWI, EWI, MCI usw.
  • Stativrohr Edelstahl, Aufnahme BWI, TWI
Data interface RS-232

RS-232 data interface integrated in the scale electronics. For serial data transmission of measurement data to printers, PCs and much more.

  • incl. 3 m standard cable length (optional 5 m)
  • M12 to RS-232 data cable
Data interface Bluetooth
Wireless connection
Data interface Bluetooth
Wireless connection