Single point load cells

Je nach Anwendungsbereich kommen unterschiedliche Wägezellen zum Einsatz, um die gewünschte Messgenauigkeit zu erreichen. Die Single Point Wägezellen, die auch als Plattformwägezellen bekannt sind, eignen sich besonders für eine exzentrische/ungleichmäßige Lasteinleitung. In unserem Sortiment finden Sie Wägezellen mit einer Nennlast von 2 kg bis zu 2000 kg.

How does a single point load cell work?

As can be deduced from the term single point, the measured values are collected here via a single load cell. Single point load cells have a special feature compared to the design of conventional load cells, which has an advantage in certain areas of application. The structure and the resulting advantage over other load cells are explained in more detail below:

Construction of a single point load cell

The main components of a single point load cell are the following:

  • DMS (strain gauges)
  • Spring body
  • Cavity inside the load cell
  • The spring body deforms as a result of the load being applied to the cell. This is associated with the stretch mark. The strain gauge measures the deformation of the body and converts this information into an electrical signal, which in turn is the basis for the measurement result.
  • The cavity in the load cell is an important difference from other load cells such as. E.g. bending beam load cells, double shear beam load cells or compressive force load cells.

The special feature of a single point load cell

The cavity in the single point load cell enables valid measurement of uneven loads. Depending on the load cell, the size and shape of the cavity differs - This means that the load cells are better or worse suited for different areas of application - Weight support, tensile load measurement etc.

Advantages of Single Point Load Cells

The single point load cell has many advantages to offer for low weighing loads. On the one hand, it ensures valid results despite uneven loading. Incorrect operation of the weighing system, for example due to incorrect load application, also leads to valid measured values. The combination of several load cells is not necessary, so it offers a simple implementation.

What features do the single point load cells from have?

When manufacturing the single point load cells from Bosche Wgetechnik, attention is paid to high quality standards. They offer a long service life even under high loads. In order to offer the right single point load cell for every application, Bosche Wegetechnik relies on a wide variety of nominal loads and other performance factors for the load cells.


High-quality aluminum or stainless steel are used for production. The components are laser welded to ensure long-lasting and resilient connections. Because load cells have to withstand harsh areas of application. The influence of water and high loads therefore has little impact on the single point load cell.


Single point load cells from are calibratable. This is important because legislation requires this in many industries.

Nominal load:

Different areas of application require different nominal loads. Our single point load cells have a rated load of 2 kg – 2000kg. This makes them ideal for weighing low and high loads.

Protection class IP65:

The single point load cells from Bosche Wgetechnik use a protected strain gauge (protection class IP65). The strain gauges therefore have comprehensive protection against dust and water jets so that they can withstand even harsh operating conditions without damage.

Accuracy classes (according to OIML):

You receive the single point load cells in accuracy classes G3, C3 or C4. Depending on the application scenario, the law prescribes different accuracy classes that must be adhered to.

Different platform sizes:

You can choose the load cells according to your individual requirements. They are suitable for weighing platforms in various dimensions:

  • up to 120 x 120 mm
  • up to 200 x 200 mm
  • up to 300 x 300 mm
  • up to 400 x 400 mm
  • up to 500 x 500 mm
  • up to 600 x 800 mm

Depending on the dimension of the object to be weighed, different platform sizes are required, which you can easily use with the single point load cells.

Areas of application for single point load cells

With their high measurement accuracy, the single point load cells are used in many areas:

  • Use in mechanical engineering e.g. B. Packaging machine manufacturer
  • Use in agriculture
  • General use in industry e.g. B. Industrial scales, which include platform scales
  • Single point load cells are also often installed in parcel scales.

Customized Single Point Load Cells

Since there are different application scenarios in different industries, the load cells must be usable as required. Therefore, our offering includes single point load cells that meet customer-specific requirements. The single point load cells are also available as miniature load cells. Choose a product that is tailored to your needs in all areas. Inform us about special areas of application and special requests. The experts at will be happy to work with you to create the right custom-made product. Single point load cells manufacturer

High-quality weighing systems require components that are optimized for the respective areas of application. At you get a comprehensive selection of standard components and the option of ordering custom-made products. We offer you a number of advantages:

  • Over 20 years of experience in scale construction
  • Innovative weighing systems
  • Custom weighing solutions
  • Find out about your options. We would be happy to advise you on your concerns.