A scale for weighing as a helpful tool

Weighing scales are used in a wide variety of areas. For example, there are special industrial scales that are used in shipping or logistics, among other things. Here they help to control the quantity and quality of incoming or outgoing goods and thus ensure a reliable level of quality. Read more...

Weighing with Scales is Common in Industry

The spectrum here is very diverse, ranging from robust industrial scales for heavy loads to sophisticated high-tech systems for three-dimensional volume and weight measurement. The data from these so-called volume scales serve as the basis for accurate freight billing and determining the actual required transportation or storage space.

Scales for Weighing "to go"

It's often necessary not only to have a specific stationary place for weighing available but also to have higher flexibility in the use of scales due to certain work processes and conditions. Here, a mobile scale for weighing is the ideal, space-saving, and compact solution for businesses. Designs like pallet truck scales, lifting table scales, crane scales, wheel load scales, or compact and easy-to-transport bench scales enable application exactly where needed. And depending on the design (e.g., weighing pallet trucks), they can even serve as work tools simultaneously.

Agricultural Scales - Specialists in Weighing in Agriculture and Animal Husbandry

As diverse as the profession of a farmer is, so are the possible applications for weighing technology and scales for weighing. In animal husbandry, for example, it's important to minimize stress during weighing for the animals while still delivering precise results. Professional scales for weighing in agriculture ensure just that. They can handle moving loads, and specialized animal weighing software provides quick accurate data. Additionally, they are designed to minimize the risk of injury to humans and animals. The technology is built to be protected from dirt and rodent damage.

Weighing scales are also used in crop farming, harvesting, and feed processing. When storing in silos, quantity control is done via load cells in the stands connected to digital displays. These present the measured values clearly and graphically on the displays. Filling scales weigh bulk goods and harvested products like potatoes precisely for sale or further processing. To ensure that the correct amount of fertilizer is spread on the field, a vehicle scale for the fertilizer spreader provides perfect service.

Weighing with Certified and High-Precision Scales in Medicine

For body weight determination in clinical settings and in stationary care facilities, scales with the highest reliability and precision are indispensable. Whether as a force gauge, baby scale, body fat scale with BMI function, or combined with a clinic bed and wheelchair, the requirements for these scales and their weighing function are extremely high. For a scale to be labeled as a medical scale and used in medical or clinical settings, the device must be calibrated according to Class III (industrial scales).

High Accuracy with Precision Scales

Designed for use in laboratories or industries, the weighing range of a precision scale for weighing is in the single-digit kilogram range or below. They are very precise in this range and provide accurate measurements in the 1/10 gram range. In laboratory work, where reproducibility of formulations and experimental series is essential, these scales excel. Precision scales are often equipped with a windscreen, as even the slightest breeze in the milligram range can distort the result.

Weighing affordably with BOSCHE scales

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